Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Clone me, mirror me, fork me

My plan for this 'blog' is to encourage readers to download Blogger's 8Mb XML 'export' edition, do a single global search-and-replace so the internal links will point to their new mirror domain (like ulyssespages2.blogspot.com instead of ulyssespages.blogspot.com) and then reimport the whole blog to that (free) domain... and also download the ulysses-and-finnegans-wake html zip folder and do the same 'replace' on the ulysses file.

this should result in a personalised index to the whole 700-page mirror

(warning: blogger indexes the pages by date and i realised halfway thru that i could 'forge' the dates so each chapter would get its own month... so the dates are somewhat messy)

new ulysses etext w/.direct links to annotation pages

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