Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Joycean ice cream flavors

Silly Milly Vanilla

Fry's Plain Chocolate

Boylan's Devil's Food Cake

Skin-the-Goat's Choicest Coffee

Cissy Caffrey's Jaspberry Ram

Almidano Artifoni's Spumoni

Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (actually unmentioned?!)

Haines' Real Irish Ice Cream

AE's Formless Buttery Essence

Rabaiotti's Neapolitan Coral and Copper Snow

Stephen's Watermelon Creamfruit

Molly's Pre-Chewed Seedcake

Bloom's Garden Spearmint

Barrington's Lemonflavoured Sherbet

Deasy's Orangeman's Sherbet

Agendath Netaim Imported Orange Sherbet

Cantrell and Cochrane's Ginger Ice

Thornton's Peaches and Pears

Terrible-Parable Plum

The Citizen's Tinned Biscuitdough

Terry Ryan's Pistachio

Betty Byrne's Lemon Platt

Strawberry Chips

RedGreenYellowRusset Apple

Lynch's Carmelite Cowdung Clusters

Howth Nannygoat Blackcurrant

Bella's Uncorked Fudge

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