Sunday, December 6, 2015

The generic Ulysses project

The goal: optimized editions of Ulysses on every ebook platform

The text: start with 1922, fix the typos, avoid controversies by hewing to 1922 (or to current consensus when it's uncontroversial)

The platforms:

HTML plus CSS: using the simplest possible CSS classes, get the basic layout right, so others can tweak it easily; a single file c2Mb, ampersanded special characters
(recent draft: )

epub: break out chapters

markdown: asterisks for italics, ledger-table, minimal indents using nbsp?

gitbook: add back br, center, and...?

pdf: two versions, one small, one pretty

kindle: ?

Pagination: not normally visible (too intrusive), maybe hidden 1922 pagination plus Gabler

Annotations: eventually support multiple-file (chapters) with interlinear notes?


gitbook exports simplified epub, pdf, and mobi

Calibre for Windows does conversions from epub

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