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Page 407 (14.1585-1591) "half this planet... try it on."

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half this planet from 'Frisco Beach to Vladivostok. The Deity aint no nickel dime bumshow.

(much more or much less than half, depending on the direction)

'bum show' = theatrical flop

I put it to you that He's on the square and a corking fine business proposition. He's the grandest thing yet and don't you forget it. Shout salvation in King Jesus. You'll need to rise precious early, you sinner there, if you want to diddle the Almighty God.

Pflaaaap! Not half. He's got a coughmixture with a punch in it for you, my friend, in his backpocket. Just you try it on.

"Not half" 1917 hymn? 'Not half of the earth's needy millions of the Father have ever been told' [lyrics]
'not half crazy' [cites]

draft: "an unpleasant cough-mixture"

'try it on': cf?? Blake's "To God": If you have form'd a Circle to go into, Go into it yourself & see how you would do.




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Page 406 (14.1546-1584) "Golly, whatten... yanked to glory most"

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Golly, whatten tunket's yon guy in the mackintosh? Dusty Rhodes. Peep at his wearables. By mighty! What's he got? Jubilee mutton. Bovril, by James. Wants it real bad.

'whatten tunket' = what in thunder = what the hell

'yon guy': probably someone's looking out the front window or door of Burke's

'mackintosh': previously disappeared in: [Hades] [WRocks] [Cyclops]

'Dusty Rhodes': c1900 American comicstrip antihero (cf Oxen-note: "mutilation paranoic bachelors Dusty Rhodes") [more]

dusty roads: implies a wanderer

'Jubilee mutton' = a tiny portion of meat (after Queen Victoria's miscalculated gift to the poor in 1897) "2000 carcasses of mutton and 340 quarters of beef" [cite]

'Bovril': English beeftea concentrate

in ch10 he was "eating dry bread" [WRocks]

 'it': food, or money, or sex?

D'ye ken bare socks? Seedy cuss in the Richmond? Rawthere! Thought he had a deposit of lead in his penis. Trumpery insanity. Bartle the Bread we calls him. That, sir, was once a prosperous cit.

'D'ye ken': "D'ye ken John Peel" hunting song (Scots?)

'the Richmond' = Richmond Lunatic Asylum

'deposit of lead': a bullet? venereal disease? (cf Oxen-note: "Chap ?thinks ?he ?has swallowed fly, deposit of ?lead in penis, omphalos")

'Trumpery insanity' = temporary insanity (Londonism) or trumped-up = feigned?

Cyclops-note: "Bartle the Basket"
Oxen-note: "Meredith the bread"

JAJ: "Bartle the Bread = B who delivers or eats the bread usually"

'That, sir, was once': after De Quincey [mis-cite]

'cit' = citizen

Man all tattered and torn that married a maiden all forlorn. Slung her hook, she did. Here see lost love. Walking Mackintosh of lonely canyon.

'Man all tattered and torn that married a maiden all forlorn': House That Jack Built

'Slung her hook' = ran away (but maybe also hung herself?)

cf 'omniscient' narrator in ch12: "The man in the brown macintosh loves a lady who is dead." [Cyclops]

possible ladies who are dead: Mrs Sinico (if Mac is Duffy or Captain Sinico); May Dedalus; various murdered girls (Wexford photogirl, Henry Flower case: info)

Tuck and turn in. Schedule time. Nix for the hornies.

"Tuck" = drink up
"Nix for the hornies" = watch out for the cops (cf Dubliners: "...little Keogh used to keep nix and call out when he saw her father coming." Eveline)
"hornies" cf Bloom in ch8 "...especially the young hornies" [Lestryg]

cf ch15: "REUBEN J: (whispers hoarsely) The squeak is out. A split is gone for the flatties. Nip the first rattler." [Circe]

but could they be speaking, not of leaving the bar, but of Mack's inpatient status at the mental hospital?

Pardon? See him today at a runefal? Chum o yourn passed in his checks? Ludamassy! Pore picanninies! Thou'll no be telling me thot, Pold veg! Did ums blubble bigsplash crytears cos frien Padney was took off in black bag? Of all de darkies Massa Pat was verra best.

 'runefal' = funeral (spoonerism, ie Lenehan?)

only Bloom was there

'passed in his checks' = "handed in his checks" (Oxen-note) = died

'piccaninnies': ie, the Dignam children

'veg' = vegetable, vegetarian? [defs]

"crytears" (cf? Oxen-note: "LB depressed")

"Padney" = nickname for Patrick (Dignam) (cf Milly in ch17 "Padney Socks": Ithaca)

JAJ: "Massa Pat = this should all be in child's and nigger English"

I never see the like since I was born. Tiens, tiens, but it is well sad, that, my faith, yes.

cf? Oxen-note: "SD drunk black greeted by arabs"

JAJ: "'But it is well sad, that, my faith, yes' (Fr Mais c'est bien triste ca, ma foi, oui) Translate word for word? ('Aber 's 'ist wohl traurig dass, meine Glaube, ja.') The English is quite unconvincing and meant to be so."

'Tiens' = well (French)
'well sad': well said, very sad

O get, rev on a gradient one in nine. Live axle drives are souped. Lay you two to one Jenatzy licks him ruddy well hollow.

'O get' = get out of here

'rev on a gradient one in nine' = a car can't accelerate up an 11% grade

note copied c1917 from 17Jun04 London Times: "prevalence of magneto as well as high tension ignition prevalence of chains as opposed to live axel drive" [more]

'souped' = passé (cf Bloom p155: "...or I was souped") cf Mrs Deasy w/waiter

in the Gordon Bennett race the next day in Germany, the driver Jenatzy was favored (but lost) [results]

earlier draft: "Bet you Farman licks him hollow" (Farman didn't finish in the top three: more)

Jappies? High angle fire, inyah! Sunk by war specials. Be worse for him, says he, nor any Rooshian. Time all. There's eleven of them. Get ye gone.

'High angle fire': the Japanese shelling gave them an advantage

'inyah' = is that so? (Irish)

'Sunk': Zeus sinks Odysseus's ship as they leave Trinacria [Butcher-Lang]

'war specials' = newspaper columns on war [eg] (or the columnists?)
Oxen-note: "Jap ship sunk by Russian war correspondents"

draft version: "I'd be worse for him, says he..." (so perhaps this is spoken by an Irish newspaperman, eg Lenehan?)

'eleven of them': eleven o'clock (closingtime)

Forward, woozy wobblers! Night. Night. May Allah, the Excellent One, your soul this night ever tremendously conserve.

cf? Oxen-note: "SD drunk black greeted by arabs" (probably 'street arabs' not Muslims, though)

Your attention! We're nae tha fou. The Leith police dismisseth us. The least tholice. Ware hawks for the chap puking. Unwell in his abominable regions. Yooka.

JAJ: "The Leith police etc a phrase which the police sergeant asks drunkards to repeat in order to test their state of sobriety."

cf Virag in ch15 "Ware Sitting Bull" [Circe]

'abominable': probably Lenehan's lame pun

Night. Mona, my thrue love. Yook. Mona, my own love. Ook.

Mona, my true love: song lyric (1st verse joyful, 2nd bereaved)
Mona motif? [WRocks] [Oxen] [Eumeus]

Hark! Shut your obstropolos. Pflaap! Pflaap! Blaze on. There she goes. Brigade! Bout ship. Mount street way. Cut up. Pflaap! Tally ho. You not come? Run, skelter, race. Pflaaaap!

 'obstropolos' = obstreperous + [something Greek? 'polos' is Latin for pole]

'Pflaap': fire engine's horn, apparently?


'Blaze': in ch15, Bloom will briefly hope the fire is Blazes Boylan's house [Circe]

as Odysseus and his men leave Helios's island Trinacria, Zeus smites their ship with a lightningbolt, filling it with 'sulphur' [Butcher-Lang]
'Bout ship': chasing the firetruck?

'Cut up': shortcut up alley? 1909 map

JB: there's good reason to suspect Macintosh was the arsonist
cf ch15: "THE MAN IN THE MACINTOSH... That man is Leopold M'Intosh, the notorious fireraiser. His real name is Higgins."

Lynch! Hey? Sign on long o me. Denzille lane this way. Change here for Bawdyhouse. We two, she said, will seek the kips where shady Mary is.

 'Sign on long o me' = fall in beside me (ie, don't follow the rest) [more]

('along of' also means 'on account of', and an Oxen-note may imply Joyce intended to pun on this meaning)

Hart and Knuth think SD is taking a roundabout route to escape the others, but i [JB] think rather the group drifted back towards the hospital, and SD is splitting off as they pass Denzille lane

Philly ms, inline: the lady hairy (later: shady)

Rossetti, 'The Blessed Damozel': ''We two,' she said, 'will seek the groves where the lady Mary is'' [ebook]

Righto, any old time. Laetabuntur in cubilibus suis. You coming long? Whisper, who the sooty hell's the johnny in the black duds? Hush! Sinned against the light and even now that day is at hand when he shall come to judge the world by fire.

 'Laetabuntur in cubilibus suis' = Let them (the saints) sing aloud upon their beds (Psalm 149)

draft deletion: "the Johnny hanging on to us"

(Lynch knows nothing of Bloom yet)

Pflaap! Ut implerentur scripturae. Strike up a ballad. Then outspake medical Dick to his comrade medical Davy.

 'Ut implerentur scripturae' = That the scriptures might be fulfilled [John 17:12]

cf p201

Christicle, who's this excrement yellow gospeller on the Merrion hall? Elijah is coming. Washed in the Blood of the Lamb.

Lynch: yellow = bloody

Come on, you winefizzling ginsizzling booseguzzling existences! Come on, you dog-gone, bullnecked, beetlebrowed, hogjowled, peanutbrained, weaseleyed fourflushers, false alarms and excess baggage! Come on, you triple extract of infamy! Alexander J Christ Dowie, that's my name that's yanked to glory most

cf Mark Twain's Life on the Mississippi: 'I'm the old original iron-jawed, brass-mounted, copper-bellied corpse-maker from the wilds of Arkansaw!' [ebook]

"fourflushers" = poker players bluffing that they have a flush when they're one card short [wiki]


p144: "Elijah is coming. Dr John Alexander Dowie, restorer of the church in Zion, is coming."


mysteries: why 'pflaap' for fire alarm?


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Page 405 (14.1507-1545) "'Tis, sure. What... A la vôtre!"

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'Tis, sure. What say? In the speakeasy. Tight. I shee you, shir.

 "'Tis": (what is what? maybe someone said 'good evening'?)

"What say?" = shall we? (or, what did you say?)

(perhaps we're hearing one side of a conversation, the other side being spoken softly/privately? so 'In the speakeasy' and 'Tight' might be answers to unheard questions)

"I shee you": maybe 'I get your point'

Bantam, two days teetee. Bowsing nowt but claretwine. Garn! Have a glint, do. Gum, I'm jiggered.

 "teetee" = TT = teetotal

"Bowsing" = drinking (to excess, for enjoyment)

"One time nought but claret drinking": song, The Rakes of Mallow

(Bantam here may serve as an Odysseus-figure, resisting the temptation to eat Helios's sacred oxen)

"Garn" = go on, get away with you (Cockney)

"glint" = glance, look

"Gum" = God (euph)

"I'm jiggered" = i'll be damned ( = Jesus + buggered?)

this is all just teasing Bantam Lyons. he's turned up earlier in Dubliners [Boarding] [IvyDay?] p71 and 170

(JB: since ch5 and ch14 are symmetrical poles (overreligious and over-irreligious), Lyons' double-appearance should illuminate these motifs)

And been to barber he have. Too full for words. With a railway bloke.

"been to barber he have": cf JAJ "The double-thudding Anglo-Saxon motive recurs from time to time... to give the sense of the hoofs of oxen."

"barber": cf p71 "Shaved off his moustache again, by Jove!"

"Too full for words": this expression is normally applied sentimentally to hearts, but Bloom deflated it in ch5 by applying it to horses with their mouths full, p74 (so is Bloom remembering this association??)

"railway bloke": mysterious, unless it's Lenehan punning even more clumsily than usual. (is Bantam carrying roses?)

How come you so? Opera he'd like? Rose of Castile. Rows of cast. Police! Some H2O for a gent fainted.

"How come you so?" how come you [say] so? (or, how did you come to be so...?)

Cyclops note: "Bantam Lyons buys flowers for girl: drunk fall about"

Look at Bantam's flowers. Gemini, he's going to holler. The colleen bawn, my colleen bawn. O, cheese it! Shut his blurry Dutch oven with a firm hand.

"holler" = sing?

"colleen bawn" probably 'It is a charming girl I love' from 'The Lily of Killarney' lyrics sheetmusic (Molly was whistling it p216) Spotify

"cheese it": Dent suggests Joyce relied on a dictionary that mistakenly glosssed this as 'be quiet' (instead of 'run away')

"blurry" = bloody [more]

"Dutch oven" = mouth (maybe boxing slang, implying Punch Costello?)

Had the winner today till I tipped him a dead cert. The ruffin cly the nab of Stephen Hand as give me the jady coppaleen. He strike a telegramboy paddock wire big bug Bass to the depot. Shove him a joey and grahamise. Mare on form hot order. Guinea to a goosegog.

Lenehan is speaking of Lyons (see ch10 WRocks)

"dead cert": cf Lenehan p123

JAJ: "The ruffin cly etc is gipsy = the devil take the head of S.H. who gave me (the name) of) the good-for-nothing little horse (ie. which did not win Gold Cup)"

'The ruffin cly the nab' = The devil take the head (...of the constable) (from Head's Canting Academy)

'Stephen Hand' = historical Dubliner who illegally intercepted a bad racing tip (but on a different date)

"jady": 'jade' = good for nothing or vicious horse

"coppaleen" = little horse (Anglo-Irish)

Atherton suggests Lenehan is using cant to obscure the incriminating details from any potential eavesdroppers, as criminals do.

cf Odysseus's men stealing the sacred oxen

JAJ: "S.H. met a telegramboy who was bringing a private racing telegram from the stable of the celebrated English brewer Bass to the police depot in Dublin to a friend there to back B’s horse Sceptre for the Cup. S. H. gives boy 4 pence, opens the telegram over steam (grahamising), recloses it and sends the boy on with it, backs Sceptre to win and loses. (This really happened and his name was Stephen Hand though it was not the Gold Cup.)" letter to Georg Goyert 06Mar27

28yo in 1901
"strike" = come upon?

"joey" = fourpenny piece

"Mare on form" = Sceptre is in good shape to win

"hot order" = favorite, with heavy betting

"Guinea to a goosegog" = long odds
"goosegog" = gooseberry
Skeffington coincidentally tells a story of JAJ betting him he wouldn't buy a halfpenny's worth of gooseberries and pay with a gold sovereign [e62]

Tell a cram, that. Gospeltrue. Criminal diversion? I think that yes. Sure thing. Land him in chokeechokee if the harman beck copped the game. Madden back Madden's a maddening back.

"cram" = a lie
"Tell a cram" = telegram (pun) [more]

'chokee' = prison

"harman beck" = constable (Richard Head)

"Madden... Madden": Sceptre ridden by O. Madden, bet on by W Madden

O, lust, our refuge and our strength. Decamping. Must you go? Off to mammy. Stand by. Hide my blushes someone. All in if he spots me.

 JAJ: "'O, lust, our refuge and our strength' 'John Thomas, her spouse' 'Through yerd our Lord, Amen' parodies of phrases in the prayer read after Low Mass in the language of the country, written by Leo XIII. [etext] It begins 'O God, our refuge + our strength' and goes on. Other phrases are 'Saint Joseph, her spouse,' 'Through Christ our Lord. Amen'. John Thomas and yerd are slang and O.E. for Schwanz"

Bloom overheard the 'official' version p79

'mammy': (someone is married? or is this Mulligan towards Haines?)

'Hide my blushes': Lenehan hiding from Lyons? (not Bannon from Bloom-- too early) maybe Mulligan from SD? (longshot: echoes Beaumont & Fletcher's Maid's Tragedy: "...hide The blushes of the bride" etext)

Comeahome, our Bantam. Horryvar, mong vioo. Dinna forget the cowslips for hersel. Cornfide. Wha gev ye thon colt? Pal to pal. Jannock. Of John Thomas, her spouse. No fake, old man Leo. S'elp me, honest injun. Shiver my timbers if I had.

"Horryvar, mong vioo" = au revoir, mon vieux = goodbye old fellow (French)

"cowslips": Bantam's flowers are for his new girl, for whom he shaved to look younger he's going to meet her at 11pm?!?

Atherton thinks Bantam is married, and so is perhaps hoping to smooth over after a fight? but in Lotus he seems an aging bachelor...

"Wha gev ye thon colt?" = Who gave you that colt? (earlier draft)

someone (Lenehan?) asks: confide in me. who gave you that colt?

Throwaway was a five-year-old, not a colt

"colt": maybe 'cold', or girl? (ie, Milly)

JB: hypothesis: earlier we heard: "...Alec Bannon, who had late come to town, it being his intention to buy a colour or a cornetcy in the fencibles and list for the wars..." [Oxen]
since Bannon was definitely definitely after a condom, with no other suggestion of a military appointment (colour or cornetcy), Joyce may be using a 'co-' code, with 'colt' again standing for 'condom' here.

"Jannock" = honest, candid (Eng slang)

"Of John Thomas, her spouse" = of St Joseph her spouse (parody)
"John Thomas" = penis

JAJ: "...John Thomas and yerd are slang and O.E. for Schwanz"

"old man Leo": either Lyons is crediting Bloom with giving him the Throwaway tip, or Bannon is crediting him for the condom (or for Milly herself, the coltish girl?)

"Leo": if it's Bannon, he may just have Bloom's first but not last name at this point

according to the Homeric parallel, 'Leo' here may be Helios, and the 'colt' the stolen oxen

"if I had": if I had lied? if I had timbers?? if I had mentioned Milly's name in front of LB???

There's a great big holy friar. Vyfor you no me tell? Vel, I ses, if that aint a sheeny nachez, vel, I vil get misha mishinnah. Through yerd our lord, Amen.

JAJ: "'holy friar' = 'bloody liar'."

JAJ: "sheeny nachez = sheeny = jew, nachez = thing. Just what you'd expect a jew (judisch) to do (cf Goim nachez in Circe when Rudolph Bloom speaks = christian folly!)"

JAJ: "misha mishinnah = a bad violent and unprepared for death or end (judisch" (cf ch6 on Dignam and last rites? Hades)

the Yiddish dialect and use of 'sheeny' suggests Mulligan

somehow, that Milly's father Leo "gev ye thon colt" is a shocking jewish thing. turning loose a nubile teen? giving a condom to her boyfriend?

yerd = penis (Old English)

You move a motion? Steve boy, you're going it some.

More bluggy drunkables? Will immensely splendiferous stander permit one stooder of most extreme poverty and one largesize grandacious thirst to terminate one expensive inaugurated libation? Give's a breather.

Landlord, landlord, have you good wine, staboo? Hoots, mon, a wee drap to pree. Cut and come again.


Right Boniface! Absinthe the lot. Nos omnes biberimus viridum toxicum diabolus capiat posteriora nostria. Closingtime, gents.

Eh? Rome boose for the Bloom toff. I hear you say onions? Bloo? Cadges ads? Photo's papli, by all that's gorgeous. Play low, pardner. Slide. Bonsoir la compagnie. And snares of the poxfiend.

Bonsoir la compagnie

Where's the buck and Namby Amby? Skunked? Leg bail. Aweel, ye maun e'en gang yer gates. Checkmate. King to tower. Kind Kristyann wil yu help yung man hoose frend tuk bungalo kee to find plais whear to lay crown of his hed 2 night.

Crickey, I'm about sprung. Tarnally dog gone my shins if this beent the bestest puttiest longbreak yet. Item, curate, couple of cookies for this child.


Cot's plood and prandypalls, none! Not a pite of sheeses? Thrust syphilis down to hell and with him those other licensed spirits. Time. Who wander through the world. Health all. A la vôtre!



mysteries: railway bloke


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Page 404 (14.1469-1506) "caloric. Winding... Mossoo. Tanks you."

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caloric. Winding of his ticker. Stopped short never to go again when the old.

Absinthe for me, savvy? Caramba! Have an eggnog or a prairie oyster.

Enemy? Avuncular's got my timepiece. Ten to. Obligated awful. Don't mention it.

Got a pectoral trauma, eh, Dix? Pos fact. Got bet be a boomblebee whenever he wus settin sleepin in hes bit garten. Digs up near the Mater. Buckled he is.

Know his dona? Yup, sartin, I do. Full of a dure. See her in her dishybilly. Peels off a credit. Lovey lovekin. None of your lean kine, not much. Pull down the blind, love.


Two Ardilauns. Same here. Look slippery. If you fall don't wait to get up. Five, seven, nine.

Fine! Got a prime pair of mincepies, no kid. And her take me to rests and her anker of rum. Must be seen to be believed. Your starving eyes and allbeplastered neck you stole my heart, O gluepot.

notebook-Rhetoric "starry eyes and alabaster neck" [more]

Sir? Spud again the rheumatiz? All poppycock, you'll scuse me saying. For the hoi polloi. I vear thee beest a gert vool.

Well, doc? Back fro Lapland? Your corporosity sagaciating OK? How's the squaws and papooses? Womanbody after going on the straw? Stand and deliver. Password. There's hair.


Ours the white death and the ruddy birth. Hi! Spit in your own eye, boss! Mummer's wire. Cribbed out of Meredith.

via Moore

Jesified orchidised polycimical jesuit! Aunty mine's writing Pa Kinch. Baddybad Stephen lead astray goodygood Malachi.

Hurroo! Collar the leather, youngun. Roun wi the nappy. Here, Jock braw Hielentman's your barleybree. Lang may your lum reek and your kailpot boil! My tipple. Merci. Here's to us.

How's that? Leg before wicket. Don't stain my brandnew sitinems. Give's a shake of pepper, you there. Catch aholt. Caraway seed to carry away. Twig? Shrieks of silence.

Every cove to his gentry mort. Venus Pandemos. Les petites femmes. Bold bad girl from the town of Mullingar. Tell her I was axing at her. Hauding Sara by the wame. On the road to Malahide.

Me? If she who seduced me had left but the name. What do you want for ninepence? Machree, Macruiskeen. Smutty Moll for a mattress jig. And a pull alltogether. Ex!

Smutty Moll

Waiting, guvnor? Most deciduously. Bet your boots on. Stunned like seeing as how no shiners is acoming, Underconstumble? He've got the chink ad lib. Seed near free poun on un a spell ago a said war hisn.

Us come right in on your invite, see? Up to you, matey. Out with the oof. Two bar and a wing.

You larn that go off of they there Frenchy bilks? Won't wash here for nuts nohow. Lil chile velly solly. Ise de cutest colour coon down our side. Gawds teruth, Chawley.

We are nae fou. We're nae tha fou. Au reservoir, Mossoo. Tanks you.




oxen: 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407

Page 403 (14.1430-1468) "and didst charge to cover... Stimulate the"

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and didst charge to cover like the transpontine bison.

How saith Zarathustra? Deine Kuh Trübsal melkest Du. Nun trinkst Du die süsse Milch des Euters. See! It displodes for thee in abundance.

Drink, man, an udderful! Mother's milk, Purefoy, the milk of human kin, milk too of those burgeoning stars overhead, rutilant in thin rainvapour, punch milk, such as those rioters will quaff in their guzzlingden, milk of madness, the honeymilk of Canaan's land.

Thy cow's dug was tough, what? Ay, but her milk is hot and sweet and fattening. No dollop this but thick rich bonnyclaber.

To her, old patriarch! Pap! Per deam Partulam et Pertundam nunc est bibendum!

All off for a buster, armstrong, hollering down the street. Bonafides.


Where you slep las nigh? Timothy of the battered naggin. Like ole Billyo.

SD and BM are legally 'bonafide travelers' because they slept more than 3 miles away last night, so they can be served alcohol after 11pm

Any brollies or gumboots in the fambly? Where the Henry Nevil's sawbones and ole clo? Sorra one o me knows.

Hurrah there, Dix! Forward to the ribbon counter. Where's Punch? All serene.

Jay, look at the drunken minister coming out of the maternity hospal! Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, Pater et Filius. A make, mister. The Denzille lane boys. Hell, blast ye! Scoot. Righto, Isaacs, shove em out of the bleeding limelight.

minister's hat

Yous join uz, dear sir? No hentrusion in life. Lou heap good man. Allee samee dis bunch. En avant, mes enfants! Fire away number one on the gun.

there's a legal definition of 'intrusion' that applies only after the death of a property's owner [cite]

Burke's! Burke's! Thence they advanced five parasangs. Slattery's mounted foot.

Where's that bleeding awfur? Parson Steve, apostates' creed! No, no, Mulligan! Abaft there! Shove ahead.

Keep a watch on the clock. Chuckingout time.

Mullee! What's on you? Ma mère m'a mariée. British Beatitudes! Ratamplan Digidi Boum Boum. Ayes have it.


To be printed and bound at the Druiddrum press by two designing females. Calf covers of pissedon green. Last word in art shades. Most beautiful book come out of Ireland my time.

Silentium! Get a spurt on. Tention. Proceed to nearest canteen and there annex liquor stores. March! Tramp, tramp, tramp the boys are (atitudes!) parching.

Beer, beef, business, bibles, bulldogs, battleships, buggery and bishops. Whether on the scaffold high. Beerbeef trample the bibles.

When for Irelandear. Trample the trampellers. Thunderation! Keep the durned millingtary step. We fall. Bishops boosebox.

Halt! Heave to. Rugger. Scrum in. No touch kicking. Wow, my tootsies! You hurt? Most amazingly sorry!

Query. Who's astanding this here do? Proud possessor of damnall. Declare misery. Bet to the ropes. Me nantee saltee. Not a red at me this week gone.


Yours? Mead of our fathers for the Übermensch. Dittoh. Five number ones. You, sir? Ginger cordial. Chase me, the cabby's caudle. Stimulate the




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Page 402 (14.1392-1429) "of all them after... America, thy lifetask,"

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of all them after, cockerel, jackanapes, welsher, pilldoctor, punctual Bloom at heels with a universal grabbing at headgear, ashplants, bilbos, Panama hats and scabbards, Zermatt alpenstocks and what not.

A dedale of lusty youth, noble every student there.

Nurse Callan taken aback in the hallway cannot stay them nor smiling surgeon coming downstairs with news of placentation ended, a full pound if a milligramme.

They hark him on. The door! It is open? Ha! They are out, tumultuously, off for a minute's race, all bravely legging it, Burke's of Denzille and Holles their ulterior goal. Dixon follows giving them sharp language but raps out an oath, he too, and on.

Bloom stays with nurse a thought to send a kind word to happy mother and nurseling up there. Doctor Diet and Doctor Quiet.

Looks she too not other now? Ward of watching in Horne's house has told its tale in that washedout pallor.

Them all being gone, a glance of motherwit helping, he whispers close in going: Madam, when comes the storkbird for thee?

The air without is impregnated with raindew moisture, life essence celestial, glistering on Dublin stone there under starshiny coelum. God's air, the Allfather's air, scintillant circumambient cessile air. Breathe it deep into thee.

By heaven, Theodore Purefoy, thou hast done a doughty deed and no botch! Thou art, I vow, the remarkablest progenitor barring none in this chaffering allincluding most farraginous chronicle.

Astounding! In her lay a Godframed Godgiven preformed possibility which thou hast fructified with thy modicum of man's work.

Cleave to her! Serve! Toil on, labour like a very bandog and let scholarment and all Malthusiasts go hang. Thou art all their daddies, Theodore.

Art drooping under thy load, bemoiled with butcher's bills at home and ingots (not thine!) in the countinghouse? Head up! For every newbegotten thou shalt gather thy homer of ripe wheat. See, thy fleece is drenched.

Dost envy Darby Dullman there with his Joan? A canting jay and a rheumeyed curdog is all their progeny.

Pshaw, I tell thee! He is a mule, a dead gasteropod, without vim or stamina, not worth a cracked kreutzer.

Copulation without population! No, say I! Herod's slaughter of the innocents were the truer name.

Vegetables, forsooth, and sterile cohabitation! Give her beefsteaks, red, raw, bleeding! She is a hoary pandemonium of ills, enlarged glands, mumps, quinsy, bunions, hayfever, bedsores, ringworm, floating kidney, Derbyshire neck, warts, bilious attacks, gallstones, cold feet, varicose veins.

A truce to threnes and trentals and jeremies and all such congenital defunctive music! Twenty years of it, regret them not.

With thee it was not as with many that will and would and wait and never do.

Thou sawest thy America, thy lifetask,




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Page 401 (14.1353-1391) "under her wrath... tag and bobtail"

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under her wrath, not for vengeance to cut off from the living but shrouded in the piteous vesture of the past, silent, remote, reproachful.

The stranger still regarded on the face before him a slow recession of that false calm there, imposed, as it seemed, by habit or some studied trick, upon words so embittered as to accuse in their speaker an unhealthiness, a flair, for the cruder things of life.

A scene disengages itself in the observer's memory, evoked, it would seem, by a word of so natural a homeliness as if those days were really present there (as some thought) with their immediate pleasures.

A shaven space of lawn one soft May evening, the wellremembered grove of lilacs at Roundtown, purple and white, fragrant slender spectators of the game but with much real interest in the pellets as they run slowly forward over the sward or collide and stop, one by its fellow, with a brief alert shock.


And yonder about that grey urn where the water moves at times in thoughtful irrigation you saw another as fragrant sisterhood, Floey, Atty, Tiny and their darker friend with I know not what of arresting in her pose then, Our Lady of the Cherries, a comely brace of them pendent from an ear, bringing out the foreign warmth of the skin so daintily against the cool ardent fruit.

A lad of four or five in linseywoolsey (blossomtime but there will be cheer in the kindly hearth when ere long the bowls are gathered and hutched) is standing on the urn secured by that circle of girlish fond hands.

He frowns a little just as this young man does now with a perhaps too conscious enjoyment of the danger but must needs glance at whiles towards where his mother watches from the piazzetta giving upon the flowerclose with a faint shadow of remoteness or of reproach (alles Vergängliche) in her glad look.

Mark this farther and remember. The end comes suddenly. Enter that antechamber of birth where the studious are assembled and note their faces. Nothing, as it seems, there of rash or violent.

Quietude of custody, rather, befitting their station in that house, the vigilant watch of shepherds and of angels about a crib in Bethlehem of Juda long ago.

But as before the lightning the serried stormclouds, heavy with preponderant excess of moisture, in swollen masses turgidly distended, compass earth and sky in one vast slumber, impending above parched field and drowsy oxen and blighted growth of shrub and verdure till in an instant a flash rives their centres and with the reverberation of the thunder the cloudburst pours its torrent, so and not otherwise was the transformation, violent and instantaneous, upon the utterance of the Word.

Burke's! outflings my lord Stephen, giving the cry, and a tag and bobtail




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