Intro to pJoyce

The pJoyce project is a set of blogs intended to annotate all James Joyce's published works, along with new html editions of his works that serve as indexes to the blogs.

The html texts are meant to be downloaded from github and hosted locally (on your own computer) for optimal loading speed. (Look for the 'Download ZIP' link under the green 'Clone or download' button) [online demo]

The links within each file are meant to be invisible until you hover over them, at which point they appear in white letters on a blue background. The important ones are on the far left of the whitespace between paragraphs: they link to the blog page specifically for annotating that paragraph.



Portrait of the Artist:



Finnegans Wake: and

origins of Finnegans Wake:

Stephen Hero:

The apparent dates on the blogposts are mostly misleading, backdated in order to avoid having to read them in reverse order.  The date menus in the right margin are useful for navigation, as are the tiny lists of 'tags' at the bottom of each page.

Most pages follow the sequence of Joyce's works, but there's also plenty of scattered 'special topics' pages indexed separately.

None of the annotations projects is remotely 'complete' but all offer comment-forms at the bottom of each page for feedback and suggestions.

There's also a discussion group at that requires an email invite to join (just ask).


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