Friday, August 5, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Ulysses census

I'm thinking there's a need for a spreadsheet with one line for each character in Ulysses.


fictional name
real name(s)

I'm playing with the idea of a single column for 'appearances' that holds a series of codes separated by commas

A-R = which of the 18 episodes they appear in
0-Z = class of appearance
0-9 = uncertainty of appearance-class

eg: A00


0 = seen and named
1 = seen but not named
2 = named but not seen
3 = alluded to but not seen or named
4? named but hallucinated

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

[Bloomsday recipes]

resources for replicating the meals eaten in Ulysses

bread, butter
milk, honey, sugarlumps

Irish Soda Bread: HuffPo, Joyce of Cooking

figrolls (fig newtons?)

bread and butter
tea, sugar, cream ("choice blend, finest quality, family tea")
kidney fried in butter with pepper

Simnel cakes

Banbury cakes

Roast beef and cabbage, corned and cabbage

cheese sandwich, fresh clean bread, gorgonzola, pungent yellow mustard

gorgonzola sandwich: Davy Byrnes Pub, ditto

pears, peaches, Gilbey and Co's white invalid port

yellow thick peasoup
chunks of bread

mélanges, scones and butter, cakes

liver gravy
mashed potatoes

steak and kidney pie

Liver Slices Fried with Crust Crumbs & Bacon: The Joyce of Cooking

fried liver: Cassell’s “Dictionary of Cookery” (1870’s)

two teacups two level spoonfuls, four in all, of Epps's soluble cocoa
water plus sugar plus cream plus cocoa

Friday, April 8, 2016

[Joycean poweruser's toolkit]

Here's the reference sources I find myself using over and over for both Ulysses and Finnegans Wake. (Take the time to put these prominently on your bookmarks bar, and preset them for your most common ranges):

desktop editions of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake
(much more flexible than concordances or online editions)

includes regular expressions, annotations (FW only)

multilingual, so especially good for FW

wildcard search of multiple reference sites

the 1909 Dublin map
for Ulysses

the 1901 census
for Ulysses, lots of subtle uses (eg religion, occupation, street address)

chaotic but huge

Hathi books
much crisper but narrower

track phrase origins

special characters, quick and easy

for chunks of text you reuse

nice design

also: is easy for all kinds of file format conversions

Monday, March 14, 2016

[3D Dublin dioramas]

this is totally not ready for primetime, but i'm trying to test the limits of a free web-based javascript 3d modelling engine called PlayCanvas for mocking up bloom's neighborhoods.

starting from a 'fork' of this very simple terrain demo, i mostly just upload my customised 'heightmap' to replace the one called 'Heightmap.jpg' in their Terrain entity.

i've been using 2048*2048 greyscale jpegs with tracings of the 1909 dublin map. pure black is the 'zero' height and i use trial and error to judge how gradually the black level should lighten. (weirdly, you need to 'flip horizontal' the map or left and right will be backwards.)

my primary goal is to give an intuitive sense of distances, so i want the building-fronts along each street to be approximately correct relative to the street widths.  i have a huge problem with conical artifacts where i want flat right-angles. (update: jpegs default to color blending that causes some of the cones, but others are jaggies when the buildings aren't positioned along the right angles)

i haven't figured out how to set the 'camera's eyelevel-- usually when i lower it it falls thru the 'terrain' which seems to float slowly up into the lovely cloudy sky like graceful polygonal seagulls. (there's simulated gravity but no ground.)

the terrain claims to be divided into 250 subdivisions, and raising this number may reduce the cone problem, while slowing the rendering. (setting it to 256 causes artifacts though)

the 2048 width seems to result in serious averaging, so 256*256 may be the best compromise.

these early drafts mostly look like snow mazes: (w-a-s-d = forward-left-back-right)

eccles to butcher


tower b

tower b uses a 256*256 heightmap which can theoretically be optimised to capture tons more detail-- but it's not obvious how to efficiently attack this

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Clone me, mirror me, fork me

My plan for this 'blog' is to encourage readers to download Blogger's 8Mb XML 'export' edition, do a single global search-and-replace so the internal links will point to their new mirror domain (like instead of and then reimport the whole blog to that (free) domain... and also download the ulysses-and-finnegans-wake html zip folder and do the same 'replace' on the ulysses file.

this should result in a personalised index to the whole 700-page mirror

(warning: blogger indexes the pages by date and i realised halfway thru that i could 'forge' the dates so each chapter would get its own month... so the dates are somewhat messy)

new ulysses etext w/.direct links to annotation pages

Thursday, January 28, 2016

[Trams and trains in 1904 Dublin]

Who rides trams and trains in Ulysses? (trains and trams both have tracks, trams have overhead power lines but share the street, trains have onboard engines)

1. Conmee in Wandering Rocks briefly rides a train

2. Artifoni in Wandering Rocks eventually catches a tram

3. Stephen may ride a train between episodes 2 and 3, and also maybe between 1 and 2?

4. Bloom's budget lists only two tramfares, one between episodes 5 and 6, and one between episodes 14 and 15. But he ought also to have ridden a tram between episodes 3 and 4, and between 6 and 7?

There's purposeful confusion at the end of Oxen and beginning of Circe regarding the Westland Row and Amiens train stations.

To and from Sandymount would be a long walk but the tram isn't mentioned?