Sunday, September 3, 2017

A symmetry in Wandering Rocks

The 19 subsections of episode 10 introduce many new points of view... but very few of these go all the way to internal monolog: just Father Conmee, Miss Dunne, Tom Kernan and Patsy Dignam, along with two new instances for Stephen, and one for Bloom.

It can't be accidental that these display Joycean mirror-symmetry:

*1FC *18PD
 2CK  17TF
 3os  16BM
 4KB  15MC
 5BB  14SiD
+6AA +13SD   [both Stephen]
*7mD *12TK
 8NL  11DD
 9TL +10LB  [Bloom, at midpoint]

Remarkably, M'Coy also gets a single line of internal monolog in 9TL, completing the pattern.

So we need to look for other hidden symmetries between each of these pairings.

Ep10 opens with Conmee thinking about Patsy. Both see schoolboys with satchels, both look at advertising posters.

Conmee is old, Patsy is young. Miss Dunne and Tom Kernan are solitary workers, female and male.

Lenehan is viewing Bloom outside from the outside, Bloom viewing himself is inside.

Martin is worried about Dignam's family, while the Dedalus girls take care of each other. Both groups are sitting down to refreshments.

Simon inspects Dollard's outfit as Boylan does the shopgirl's.

Corny and the policeman are up to something mysterious together. Farrell is mysteriously agitated.

Molly throws the sailor a coin, Haines buys Mulligan a melange. (The sailor intrudes into the DBC section.)

JJOM has come to Lambert with some trouble, Dilly to Simon for pocketchange.

*1FC *18PD   Telemachus/Penelope
 2CK  17TF   Nestor/Ithaca
 3os  16BM   Proteus/Eumeus
 4KB  15MC   Calypso/Circe
 5BB  14SiD  Lotuseaters/Oxen
+6AA +13SD   Hades/Nausikaa

*7mD *12TK   Eolus/Cyclops
 8NL  11DD   Lestrygonians/Sirens
 9TL +10LB   Scylla/WanderingRocks

Dedalus household = Calypso?
Dilly as Siren/Nausikaa?
Lenehan-on-Bloom vs Stephen-on-Shakespeare?

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