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Was Robert Urch the blind stripling?

(Did Vivien Igoe already track this down?)

If there was an 'original' for the blind stripling in Dublin, he ought to be remembered in memoirs. There might have been no-one in particular, or someone in Europe instead. (Nora Franca Poliaghi in 'James Joyce: an Occasion of Remembrance' says there was one in Trieste.)

Robert Urch Jr. seems to be the only blind piano tuner in the 1901 or 1911 census. (There were plenty of piano tuners in Dublin, many married, so it paid okay. They can all read and write, so if any others were blind they hid it well from the census-takers.)

In 1901 he was away at (blind?) school, but three siblings are listed who had vanished by 1911.

weird Italian-looking middle names
Sarah Urch, printer's daughter from Wells, who married in Galway 1857 to Michael Harding.  Her younger brother must have followed her to Ireland.  He had arrived in Dublin and found a wife, by 1870.  Robert Urch became supervisor of the Inland Revenue in Dublin and is buried at Mount Jerome. Source: will of Lucas Urch, familysearch

No.1123 In Loving Memory | of | ELIZABETH JANE | loved and loving wife of | ROBERT URCH | Supervisor of Inland Revenue | who entered into rest | August 26 1887 | "My fathers will be done" | also her daughter | ROBERTA I. URCH | who died 23rd April 1901 | and her husband the above | ROBERT URCH | who died 30th January 1912 | aged 80

1901 census
63 Leinster sq
69yo widower Robert
26yo unmarried daughter Wilhelmina
24yo unmarried daughter Roberta
17yo son Gideon Ouseley (mercantile clerk)
Robert Newman Lucas Urch
Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958
birth: July 1881 / September 1881 Dublin South, Ireland

Student England and Wales Census, 1901
birth: 1882 Ireland
residence: 31 March 1901 Croydon, Surrey, England

England and Wales Census, 1901
Gender Male  Age 19  Occupation STU
Relationship to Head of Household Pupil
Birth Year (Estimated) 1882
Birthplace Ireland

Robert N L Urch
Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958
marriage: April 1910 / June 1910
Rathdown, Ireland

Thom's  1904
Urch, Robert, esq
26 Walthem ter. 25£

1911 census
33 Herbert ave
79yo Robert
29yo married blind Robert Newman Lucas, pianoforte tuner
29yo not-blind wife Kathleen Hilda
Robert Graham Campbell Urch (baby)


1832 Robert Sr born

supervisor of the Inland Revenue

1875 Wilhelmina born
1877 Roberta born
1882 RNLU born
1884 Gideon born
1887 mother died

RNLU to Croydon school

1901 63 Leinster square
1901 Roberta dies

1904 26 Walthem terrace, Blackrock

no-date: 33 Herbert ave

1910 RNLU marries
1911 Robert III born

1912 Robert Sr dies

1935? At St. Philip's Church, Milltown, Dublin, on June 24, Robert Graham Urch, L.P.S.I., to Sheelagh Goode. (Licentiate of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland,)

1939 Mr. R. G. C. Urch, L.P.S.L, moved from 21 Ramleh Park, Milltown, to " Bawnmore,"
Sandyford, co. Dublin

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