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Page 201 (9.906-936) "BUCK MULLIGAN (Piano... quenched."

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(Piano, diminuendo.)

Then outspoke medical Dick
To his comrade medical Davy...

cf Gogarty  c1903: "Song of Medical Dick and Medical Davy"

    The first was Medical Dick
    The second was Medical Davy
    The first had a Bloody Big Prick
    The second had Buckets of Gravy
    To show-- to show-- to show what medicals are.

    Then out spoke Medical Dick
    To his comrade Medical Davy
    'I'd swap my Bloody Big Prick
    For you with your buckets of Gravy'
    To show etc.

    'Steady Medical Dick'
    Said Sturdy Medical Davy
    'There's very little value in a prick
    When you haven't got the passage of the gravy.'
    To show etc.

    'Every bullock were a bull
    But for the little matter of a ballocks
    If your prick can keep the women full
    You'll find they never grumble at its small looks.'
    To show etc.


In his trinity of black Wills, the villain shakebags, Iago, Richard Crookback, Edmund in King Lear, two bear the wicked uncles' names. Nay, that last play was written or being written while his brother Edmund lay dying in Southwark.


I hope Edmund is going to catch it. I don't want Richard, my name...


(A tempo.) But he that filches from me my good name...


(Stringendo.) He has hidden his own name, a fair name, William, in the plays, a super here, a clown there, as a painter of old Italy set his face in a dark corner of his canvas. He has revealed it in the sonnets where there is Will in overplus. Like John O'Gaunt his name is dear to him, as dear as the coat and crest he toadied for, on a bend sable a spear or steeled argent, honorificabilitudinitatibus, dearer than his glory of greatest shakescene in the country. What's in a name? That is what we ask ourselves in childhood when we write the name that we are told is ours. A star, a daystar, a firedrake rose at his birth. It shone by day in the heavens alone, brighter than Venus in the night, and by night it shone over delta in Cassiopeia, the recumbent constellation which is the signature of his initial among the stars. His eyes watched it, lowlying on the horizon, eastward of the bear, as he walked by the slumberous summer fields at midnight, returning from Shottery and from her arms.

"set his face"

fd: [349]
Both satisfied. I too.

Don't tell them he was nine years old when it was quenched.




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