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Page 215 (10.184-220) "Father Conmee, reading... close, the constable said."

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intrusion-source 1FC184:

Father Conmee, reading his office, watched a flock of muttoning clouds over Rathcoffey. His thinsocked ankles were tickled by the stubble of Clongowes field. He walked there, reading in the evening, and heard the cries of the boys' lines at their play, young cries in the quiet evening. He was their rector: his reign was mild.

"over Rathcoffey" is also part of the memory:

this moment (1FC184) will intrude into 4KB7: "Father Conmee walked through Clongowes fields, his thinsocked ankles tickled by stubble." c3:25pm
Joyce probably witnessed something like it 16 years earlier

Clongowes playingfields
Hugh Love is also from Rathcoffey

Father Conmee drew off his gloves and took his rededged breviary out. An ivory bookmark told him the page.

(maybe a gift?)
Gifford claims the bookmark was 'inscribed with the beginnings and conclusions of the canonical hours' but i can't find a pic (and Conmee surely wouldn't need such help)

Nones. He should have read that before lunch. But lady Maxwell had come.

can we guess when she arrived/left?

Father Conmee read in secret Pater and Ave and crossed his breast. Deus in adiutorium.

why "secret"? silently?

He walked calmly and read mutely the nones, walking and reading till he came to Res in Beati immaculati:

is "mutely" different from "in secret"?

— Principium verborum tuorum veritas: in eternum omnia iudicia iustitiae tuae.

(can we time how long the reading should have taken?)

intrusion-source 1FC199:

A flushed young man came from a gap of a hedge and after him came a young woman with wild nodding daisies in her hand. The young man raised his cap abruptly: the young woman abruptly bent and with slow care detached from her light skirt a clinging twig.

ch14 will identify the couple as Vincent Lynch and Kitty Ricketts: "Pooh! A livre! cries Monsieur Lynch. The clumsy things are dear at a sou. One umbrella, were it no bigger than a fairy mushroom, is worth ten such stopgaps. No woman of any wit would wear one. My dear Kitty told me today that she would dance in a deluge before ever she would starve in such an ark of salvation for, as she reminded me (blushing piquantly and whispering in my ear though there was none to snap her words but giddy butterflies), dame Nature, by the divine blessing, has implanted it in our hearts and it has become a household word that il y a deux choses for which the innocence of our original garb, in other circumstances a breach of the proprieties, is the fittest, nay, the only garment. The first, said she (and here my pretty philosopher, as I handed her to her tilbury, to fix my attention, gently tipped with her tongue the outer chamber of my ear), the first is a bath... but at this point a bell tinkling in the hall cut short a discourse which promised so bravely for the enrichment of our store of knowledge."

Lynch was Joyce's Cosgrave (23yo in 1901, still a med student living at home in 1911)

cf Mulligan at the Forty Foot? "Buck Mulligan made way for him to scramble past and, glancing at Haines and Stephen, crossed himself piously with his thumbnail at brow and lips and breastbone."

the image (1FC199) intrudes on Lambert and O'Molloy just after they see Love's card mentioning Rathcoffey: "The young woman with slow care detached from her light skirt a clinging twig."

by this time the rest of the chapter is well under way: the cavalcade has left the park, Dilly and Simon have parted, the Dedalus girls have started their soup, Mulligan and Haines are gobbling sweets, Love has left the abbey, Kernan is about to miss the cavalcade

Father Conmee blessed both gravely and turned a thin page of his breviary. Sin:

Principes persecuti sunt me gratis: et a verbis tuis formidavit cor meum.

Stephen's section will offer a later intrusion: "Father Conmee, having read his little hours, walked through the hamlet of Donnycarney, murmuring vespers."

but Donnycarney is north of the O'Brien Institute, and vespers is supposed to be read at dusk-- so is Stephen's section near dusk??? the book Dilly shows him, she bought with Simon's penny, and she will be/was reading it as the cavalcade passes Fownes street...?


interior, male, working (for most of Dublin, 'work' is mostly walking and talking)

1909 map

Corny Kelleher closed his long daybook and glanced with his drooping eye at a pine coffinlid sentried in a corner. He pulled himself erect, went to it and, spinning it on its axle, viewed its shape and brass furnishings. Chewing his blade of hay he laid the coffinlid by and came to the doorway. There he tilted his hatbrim to give shade to his eyes and leaned against the doorcase, looking idly out.

random daybook
cf p86: "—Corny might have given us a more commodious yoke, Mr Power said. —He might, Mr Dedalus said, if he hadn't that squint troubling him. Do you follow me?"

"sentried" = looming like a sentry ('posted' there by Corny)

Father John Conmee stepped into the Dollymount tram on Newcomen bridge.

~3:15pm (so we've jumped back about 15min)
an intrusion (2CK7), not seen by Corny
cf streetview towards tram stop

Corny Kelleher locked his largefooted boots and gazed, his hat downtilted, chewing his blade of hay.

Constable 57C, on his beat, stood to pass the time of day.

DMP C Division, 0.5mi south
why 57?
policing used to involve individual policemen walking fixed routes

— That's a fine day, Mr Kelleher.

— Ay, Corny Kelleher said.

— It's very close, the constable said.

stuffy, humid, like a closed room




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