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Page 21 (1.657-694) "of whom... breastbone."

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of whom Mulligan was one, and Arius, warring his life long upon the consubstantiality of the Son with the Father, and Valentine, spurning Christ's terrene body, and the subtle African heresiarch Sabellius who held that the Father was Himself His own Son. Words Mulligan had spoken a moment since in mockery to the stranger. Idle mockery.

isn't SD honoring BM's mockery by classing it with these historic heresies?

Delaney: [50]

The void awaits surely all them that weave the wind: a menace, a disarming and a worsting from those embattled angels of the church, Michael's host, who defend her ever in the hour of conflict with their lances and their shields.
Hear, hear! Prolonged applause. Zut! Nom de Dieu!

is SD imagining himself giving this eloquent speech in public?

— Of course I'm a Britisher, Haines's voice said, and I feel as one. I don't want to see my country fall into the hands of German jews either. That's our national problem, I'm afraid, just now. 

more than 100,000 German Jews had immigrated to Britain in recent decades [wiki] only 75 were in Ireland in 1901, then down to 66 in 1911

Harold Bloom notes the evolving antisemitism in Shakespeare, Dickens, Eliot, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Willa Cather [nytbr]

Two men stood at the verge of the cliff, watching: businessman, boatman.
— She's making for Bullock harbour.
The boatman nodded towards the north of the bay with some disdain.
— There's five fathoms out there, he said. It'll be swept up that way when the tide comes in about one. It's nine days today.
The man that was drowned. A sail veering about the blank bay waiting for a swollen bundle to bob up, roll over to the sun a puffy face, saltwhite. Here I am.

5 fathoms = 30ft (less than 40 feet, but the depth of the Forty Foot is less anyway)
9 days: the drowning happened the day the milkwoman started delivering (or was last paid up)
pic: 1920s 

Delaney: [51]
They followed the winding path down to the creek. Buck Mulligan stood on a stone, in shirtsleeves, his unclipped tie rippling over his shoulder. A young man clinging to a spur of rock near him moved slowly frogwise his green legs in the deep jelly of the water.
— Is the brother with you, Malachi?
— Down in Westmeath. With the Bannons.
— Still there? I got a card from Bannon. Says he found a sweet young thing down there. Photo girl he calls her.
— Snapshot, eh? Brief exposure.

"green... jelly" (frogspawn?)

'the brother' is BM's brother (OG had two younger brothers: Henry) ((does BM's reappear?))

Bannon's photo girl is 15yo Milly Bloom, daughter of our Ulysses

"Brief exposure" suggests she might pose for naughty pictures

Buck Mulligan sat down to unlace his boots. An elderly man shot up near the spur of rock a blowing red face. He scrambled up by the stones, water glistening on his pate and on its garland of grey hair, water rilling over his chest and paunch and spilling jets out of his black sagging loincloth.
Buck Mulligan made way for him to scramble past and, glancing at Haines and Stephen, crossed himself piously with his thumbnail at brow and lips and breastbone.

"young man... elderly man"
"shot up.. a... face" ('face' seems to be the object of the verb, rather than the reworded subject)
garland = tonsured
loincloth = what priests would have worn there (now that it's wet he'll have to change it)

Delaney thinks BM's gesture is mocking (cf disingenuflect)



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