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Prices in 1904 Dublin

the 1904 conversion rate was one pound = US$5.00 (equals 25 French francs = 25 Austrian crowns = 15-20? Italian lira)

with inflation, US1904 $5 has become US2014 $130 (US1922 $10)

one guinea = one pound plus one shilling = 21 shillings
one pound = 20 shillings = 240 pence
one crown = 5 shillings = 60 pence
one florin = two shillings = 24 pence
one shilling = one bob = one bar = 12 pence
one tanner = 6 pence
so a shilling then bought about as much as $6.50 does now

table of 1911 diets among Dublin's poor

twopence: a shave
threepence: dock porter at Newhaven
1/0: cheap whore
1/6: dental extraction; watch cleaning
2/0: mend broken statue; English lesson in Paris
3/0: HELY's men, per day (all or one???)
3/4: average Parisian workman
7/0: Eveline's weekly wages at the Stores
10/0: year's maintenance on grave; Bella's whores
12/6: Milly's weekly pay as photo girl
13/9: Irish Times payment for racer interview
15/0: Dublin clerk per week
18/0: Ormond barmaid's weekly pay
1/0/0: one month's wages for deck boy
1/0/0: Homestead payment for stories
1/1/0: Titbits payment per column; gyn exam
1/4/0: dockworker per 60-hour week
1/13/4: Stannie's starting weekly pay with Trieste Berlitz
1/15: James Berlitz pay in 1905
2/0/0: typical ad commission for Bloom
2/12/0: good Paris cook, per month
3/12/0: what Deasy pays Stephen (monthly or biweekly?)
5/5/0: Rumbold's charge for hanging
6/0/0: 19yo Picasso's monthly contract with Manyac, Paris 1900
6/0/0: yearly wage for maid?; monthly wage for valet
7/10/0: monthly wage from Berlitz
12/0/0: Fortnightly Review payment for Ibsen review
12/10/0: monthly wage at Roman bank? (250 lira)
50/0/0: organist, per year
150/0/0: yearly salary at Rome bank [L2-140]
150/0/0: customs official Michael Healy per year

assuming a six day week:
Driscoll: 1/8 (hard to imagine but '1900 House' agrees)
deck boy: 5/0
Eveline = 7/0
Milly = 12/6
Paris cook: 13/0
Dublin clerk: 15/0
HELY's = 18/0
barmaid = 18/0
organist = 19/3
dockworker = 24/0
valet, Picasso = 30/0
Stannie = 33/4
James = 35/0
Berlitz = 37/6
Rome bank = 62/6?
Stephen = 18/0 or 36/0
Clearly, Corley thinks Deasy's job is above him, and sandwichman is beneath him, so on this basis 36/0 seems more likely (SD has a degree, after all)

gold one pound = sovereign
gold half-pound = half-sovereign
silver five shilling = crown
silver 2/6 = half-crown
copper 2/0 = florin
silver shilling
silver sixpence = tanner
silver fourpence = groat or joey
silver threepence
bronze penny = wing
bronze halfpenny = make
bronze 1/4 penny = farthing
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a halfpenny (US2014 $0.27)
cheap novels for boys [Dubliners] [Encounter]
Dublin Evening Mail [J&M- Painful Case]

a penny (US2014 $0.54)
four bootlaces 6.231 [Hades]
eight plums 6.294 [Hades]
"Burial friendly society pays. Penny a week for a sod of turf." 6.328 [Hades]
Dublin Penny Journal 7.964 [Eolus] (also Daily Express, Irish Times [J&K])
two apples 8.68 [Lestryg]
two Banbury cakes 8.74 [Lestryg]
local tramfare (not including suburbs) 10.138 [WRocks]
Molly's alms to sailor 10.253 [WRocks]
2ndhand French primer 10.863 [WRocks]
two "Friday herrings" 16.274 [Eumeus]
Freeman's Journal 17.1459 [Ithaca]
tramfare to Dignam's 17.1461 [Ithaca]
1 Cake Fry's Plain Chocolate 17.1472 [Ithaca] [Kidd]
postage stamp 17.1814 [Ithaca]
ginger beer [Dubliners] [Gallants]
half-pint glass of porter [J&M- Counterparts]
a handsel of blue flowers [Portrait V] [PoA5]
three pounds potatoes [Gifford]
a mackerel or two [Mikhail p24]
'penny dreadful' cheap novels

a penny and a half (US2014 $0.81)
Lenehan's plate of hot grocer's peas [Dubliners] [Gallants]

twopence (US2014 $1.08)
pint of milk (delivered) 1.443 [Telemachus]
pint of porter 5.308 [Lotus]
"a shave for the funeral" 10.698 [WRocks]
2ndhand books 10.837 [WRocks]
cigar 12.682 [Cyclops]
pianola tune 15.4016 [Circe]
coffee at cabmen's shelter 16.1698 [Eumeus]
confectionery at cabmen's shelter 16.1699 [Eumeus]
adult admission to waxworks 17.579 [Ithaca]
Packet notepaper and envelopes 17.1466 [Ithaca]
one pound oatmeal [Gifford]

threepence (US2014 $1.62)
dock porter at Newhaven 3.195 [Proteus]
pork kidney at Dlugacz's 4.180 [Calypso]
admission to Nelson's pillar 7.943 [Eolus]
1 lb. of sugar "crushed crystal" 12.40 [Cyclops]
cold sheep's trotter 15.669 [Circe]
selling price of pile of old magazines 18.603 [Penelope]
packet of Players cigarettes [ad]

fourpence (groat) (US2014 $2.17)
mou en civet (lung stew) 3.178 [Proteus]
lemon soap 5.513 [Lotus]
suborning a telegram boy 14.1516 [Oxen]
pig's foot 17.1470 [Ithaca]
1 Square Soda Bread 17.1473 [Ithaca]
methylated spirit 18.6 [Penelope]
round-trip from Amiens to Araby bazaar [Dubliners] [Araby]
vegetable marrows [ad]
glass of Butler's 20/malt [cite]

sixpence (US2014 $3.25)
lunch special at Rowe's 8.368 [Lestryg]
Boylan's tip to Bloom 15.3763 [Circe]
bed at dosshouse 16.167 [Eumeus]
raffle ticket 17.1791 [Ithaca]
each boy's miching-fund (forfeited by Dillon) [Dubliners] [Encounter]
cheap entrance at Araby bazaar [Dubliners] [Araby]
Gaelic League button [J&M- Ivy Day]
box of 10 cigarettes [ad]
four pound loaf of bread [Gifford]
27-word prepaid notice in Evening Telegraph [cite]
144 Ordinary Blaud's Pills [cite]
box of Mr Nolan's Ointment [cite]
admission to Walter George's Light Opera [cite]

six and a half pence (US2014 $3.52)
uniform price for everything at James' emporium 17.578 [Ithaca]

sevenpence (US2014 $3.79)
lunch at Byrne's (cheese sandwich, burgundy) 8.776 [Lestryg], 17.1464 [Ithaca]
pound of bacon [Gifford]

eightpence (US2014 $4.33)
lunch special at Burton's 8.369 [Lestryg]
fairy cakes, per pound 18.1555 [Penelope]

ninepence halfpenny (US2014 $5.14)
French franc = 100 centimes

elevenpence (US2014 $5.96)
pound of cherry cakes 18.1555 [Penelope]

one shilling (US2014 $6.50)
bottle of stout at respectable shebeen 15.611 [Circe]
Bloom's donation for the broken lampchimney 15.4312 [Circe]
bed at Brazen Head 16.170 [Eumeus]
renewal fee for book 17.1465 [Ithaca]
admission to 1894 Araby bazaar [Dubliners] [Araby]
cheap Paris dinner in 1902 (soup, fish, meat, vegetables, dessert, coffee)
144 Blaud's Blood Beans for Blood and Nerves [cite]
a cheap new umbrella [J&M]
a fresh Sandycove lobster [Mikhail p24]

one shilling and a penny (US2014 $7.04)
56 Beecham's Pills [cite]
small bottle Mother Seigel's Syrup [cite]

one and four (US2014 $8.67)
vestals' brawn 7.939 [Eolus]

one and six (US2014 $9.75)
Bath and Gratification 17.1460 [Ithaca]
dental extraction with cocaine [ad] ditto
watch cleaning [cite]

one and eight (US2014 $10.83)
dozen Guinness's Pure XX [cite]
Mr Douce's English lessons in 1903 Paris (2 francs)

one and nine (US2014 $11.37)
dinner at Ormond (liver and bacon w/cider) 11.1002 [Sirens]
dozen sheets fine wallpaper 8.170 [Lestryg] and 15.914 [Circe]

two shillings (florin) (US2014 $13.00)
what Stephen owes Fred Ryan 2.256 [Nestor]
Dodd's reward 6.286 [Hades]
Bloom's bargain on astronomy book 10.526 [WRocks]
admission to Bennett-Keogh fight 10.1136 [WRocks]
LB's extra payment to Meath street whore 13.871 [Nausikaa]
lascar's pigfoot? 15.964 [Circe]
bid for Bloom 15.3093 [Circe]
one pound Anne Lynch tea 17.308 [Ithaca]
dinner and Gratification at Ormond 17.1467 [Ithaca] (cf 11.1002 above plus tips)
broken statue "mend so that you cant see the join" 18.1016 [Penelope]
narrator's Araby-fund [Dubliners] [Araby]
one night at Royal Exchange Hotel [J&M- Ivy Day]
five-course dinner at Mrs Barry's hotel [J&M- Ivy Day]
best seats at August 1904 Gaelic concert where Joyce sang with M'Cormack (often 3s) [J&M- A Mother]
Mr Douce's English lessons in 1903 Paris
'copious dinner with wine' in Paris (2.5 francs)

two and a penny (US2014 $13.54)
"seven fingers" of silk 13.161 [Nausikaa]
drinks in Oxen coda (5 Bass, 4 Guinness, and an absinthe?) 14.1502 [Oxen]

two and four (US2014 $14.67)
Maria's lost plumcake [Dubliners] [Clay]

two and six (half-crown) (US2014 $16.25)
fare to Mullingar 4.452 [Calypso]
gift to Martha 11.868 [Sirens]
Terry's bet on Zinfandel 12.1224 [Cyclops]
Stephen's loan to Corley 16.195 [Eumeus]
a dozen oysters? 18.63 [Penelope]
dental filling [ad] ditto
45-word announcement (birth, marriage, death) in Evening Telegraph [cite]
Cuticura ointment [cite]
Dr Howell's pills for red noses [J&M]

two and nine (US2014 $17.86)
Molly's lotion 5.507 [Lotus]
a yard of black satin for barmaids' blouses 11.110 (also 2/7) [Sirens]

three shillings (US2014 $19.50)
"few bob a skull" donations for Dignams 6.565 [Hades]
Bloom's loan to Hynes 7.119 [Eolus]
daily wages for (all five?) HELY's men 8.128 [Lestryg]
1 lb of tea "first choice tea" 12.38 [Cyclops] (also Dubliners) [Dead]
selling price for bits of hanging rope 12.445 [Cyclops]
"Ladies' grey flannelette bloomers" 13.1235 [Nausikaa]
bottle of hair restorer [ad]

three shillings sixpence (US2014 $22.75)
Dublin tax Joyce refused to pay in 1904 (Ellmann 424)
Maunsel's first edition of Dubliners (15 June 1914)
alarm clock, 4 inch dial, nickel case [cite]
microscope [cite]

three and tenpence (US2014 $24.92)
vestals' savings 7.932 [Eolus]

three and eleven (US2014 $25.46)
Gerty's stockings 13.499 [Nausikaa]

four shillings (US2014 $26.00)
gents' goloshes [J&K- The Dead]
alarm clock bought by Joyce in Paris, Dec 1902

four and eleven (US2014 $31.96)
Gerty's green pettiwidth knickers 13.725 [Nausikaa]
Kearney's Popular Melodeons, 4s 11d [cite]

five shillings (US2014 $32.50)
Bantam Lyons's bet 8.1016 [Lestryg]
Bloom's donation to Dignams 10.974 [WRocks]
unattainable alimony from Molly 15.3477 [Circe]
Molly's picnic plan, per person 18.946 [Penelope]
Richards' proposed price for 1906 edition of Dubliners
painless dental extraction by gas [cite]

five and six (US2014 $35.75)
"fare to Mullingar" 16.508 [Eumeus] (??? cf 4.452 above)
a cheap white shirt [J&M- After the Race]

five and eight (US2014 $36.83)
Maria's savings for the party-expedition [Dubliners] [Clay]

six shillings (US2014 $39.00)
2ndhand melodeon 11.1263 [Sirens]
four handkerchiefs plus garters? plus ?? 18.466 [Penelope]
Farrington's gains from pawning his watch [Dubliners] [Counterparts]

six and sixpence (US2014 $42.25)
52 weekly issues of Irish Homestead [cite]

six and eightpence (US2014 $43.33)
cliche based on cost of burying executed man?560 [Hades]

six and nine (US2014 $43.88)
Kearney's Pearl Melodeons [cite]

seven shillings (US2014 $45.50)
Eveline's weekly wages at the Stores [Dubliners] [Eveline]

seven and six (three half-crowns, US2014 $48.75)
50 meals in worst cookbook 15.1579 [Circe]
Wonderworker 17.1829 [Ithaca]
set of chessmen [Byrne's Silent Years]

eight and six (US2014 $55.25)
Harris tweed cap 17.1582 [Ithaca]
yachting cap [J&M- Two Gallants]
fee offered to gang of assassins by Aleister Crowley (each) to kill Yeats [1900]

nine shillings (US2014 $58.50)
Kearney's Universal Melodeons [cite]

ten shillings (half pound) (US2014 $65)
what Stephen owes Cousins 2.257 [Nestor]
gardener for Rudolph's grave, per year 6.934 [Hades]
Kernan's stylish 2ndhand coat 10.744 [WRocks]
Bloom's usual daily budget? [Sirens]
selling price of Molly's hair combings 13.840 [Nausikaa]
15yo virgin on Mabbot street 15.359 [Circe]
short time with Bella's whore 15.1986 [Circe]
Rumbold's discounted price? 15.4555 [Circe]
1st prize in Shamrock poetry contest, 1877 17.394 [Ithaca]
daily charge for tourists in Bloom's fantasy 17.1723 [Ithaca]
Simon's parting gift to 6yo Stephen [Portrait I] [PoA1]
AE's contribution to JAJ (and Nora's) elopement

ten and sixpence (half guinea, half sovereign) (US2014 $68.25)
what Stephen owes Bob Reynolds 2.257 [Nestor]
"brass fender" 15.3191 [Circe]
what Corley finagles out of the slavey (maybe a full sovereign) [Dubliners] [Gallants]
cheap dentures [cite]
cheap 'Gladiator' boots [cite]
Double Opera and Field Glasses or Powerful Pocket Telescope [cite]
cheap fountain pen [J&M- The Dead]

ten and elevenpence (US2014 $70.96)
pale blue summer blouse (Little Chandler's gift to Annie) [Dubliners] [LittleCloud]

eleven shillings (US2014 $71.50)
Kino's trousers 8.91 [Lestryg]
Mesias alteration 15.1911 [Circe]

eleven and six (US2014 $74.75)
corset 18.449 [Penelope]

twelve shillings (US2014 $78)
one week's room and board at Kerry Hotel [cite]

twelve and six (US2014 $81.25)
Milly's weekly pay in Mullingar 4.425 [Calypso]

thirteen and nine (US2014 $89.38)
Joyce's payment from Irish Times for 1903 Fournier interview

fourteen shillings (US2014 $91)
Kearney's Mandoline, with case [cite]

fifteen shillings (US2014 $97.50)
men's Sandow-Whiteley's pulley exerciser (athlete's 20/-) 17.1817 [Ithaca]
one week room and board at Mrs Mooney's [Dubliners] [Boarding]
Gabriel's pay for literary column in Daily Express [Dubliners] [Dead]
Stannie's potential weekly earnings as Dublin clerk [e211]
Kearney's Acme Melodeons [cite]

eighteen shillings (US2014 $117)
barmaid's weekly pay 11.1076 [Sirens]

eighteen and six (US2014 $120.25)
peachblossom dressing gown 18.1497 [Penelope]

nineteen and eleven (US2014 $129.46)
velours hat 15.550 [Circe]

one pound (US2014 $130)
monthly rent of Tower 1.539 [Telemachus]
Menton's donation to Dignams 5.569 [Lotus]
Canada swindle advertised price 12.1088 [Cyclops]
Molly's value as whore? 13.842 [Nausikaa]
wet nurse, per week? 18.572 [Penelope]
one month's wages for deck boy [Dubliners] [Eveline]
AE's payment to JAJ for first Dubliners stories
one ton Blainscough King Coal [cite]

twentyone shillings (a guinea) (US2014 $136.50)
what Stephen owes McCann 2.256 and Russell 2.257 [Nestor]
a column of text in Titbits 4.503 [Calypso]
box of "Pills, pounded bread" 11.616 [Sirens]
a ton of "best Abram coal" 17.129 [Ithaca]
Dr Collins gynecological exam 18.1169 [Penelope]
Simon's Xmas turkey [Portrait I] [PoA1]
cheap wedding rings [ad]
a very expensive umbrella [J&M]

twentytwo and six (US2014 $146.25)
King Mark's trousers [T&I]

twentyfour shillings (US2014 $156)
one gallon John Jameson & Sons [cite]
wages for 60-hour week of dockworker [J&M- Painful Case]

one pound five (US2014 $162.50)
expensive fountain pen [J&M- The Dead]

one pound five and six (US2014 $165.75)
Geraghty's debt to Herzog 12.41 [Cyclops]

one pound six and six (US2014 $172.25)
a cheap pocketwatch [J&M- Counterparts]

one pound seven (US2014 $175.50)
money Bloom returns to Stephen 17.958 [Ithaca]
fare from Dublin to Oxford offered to JAJ by Gogarty in 1904 in order "to get dhrunk, dhrunk"

one pound seven and six (US2014 $178.75)
Boylan's message to Miss Dunne 10.391 [WRocks]
Bloom's commission from Freeman 17.1459 [Ithaca]
secondhand Singer foot sewing machine [cite]

one pound ten (US2014 $195)
Molly's imagined charge to Bloom 18.1523 [Penelope]

one pound thirteen and four (US2014 $216.65)
Stannie's weekly pay at Trieste Berlitz, 1905 [e213]

one pound fifteen (US2014 $227.50)
room in Paris for three months
James's weekly pay at Trieste Berlitz, 1905 [e213] tent for camping out [cite]
Stevens American Single Breechloader (gun) [cite]

two pounds (US2014 $260)
Boylan's bet on Sceptre 12.1222 [Cyclops]
dentures with gold or platinum [cite]

two guineas (US2014 $273)
nice curtains 10.648 [WRocks]
race, field, and opera glasses with great range, very portable, in sling case [cite]

two pounds five (US2014 $292.50)
cost to print 85 copies of "Day of the Rabblement" [e89]
steamer to USA [ad]

two pounds eight (US2014 $312)
LB's potential commission on Keyes' ad 8.1056 [Lestryg]

two pounds fifteen (US2014 $357.50)
LB's potential commission on Prescott's ad 8.1059 [Lestryg]

three pounds (US2014 $390)
secondhand Centaur bicycle [cite]

three guineas (US2014 $409.50)
what Stephen owes Koehler 2.258 [Nestor]
trip to London 16.508 [Eumeus]

three and five (US2014 $422.50)
Carr's 1918 demand for 'costume' trousers (150 francs)

three twelve (US2014 $468)
Stephen's pay 2.221 [Nestor]

three pounds thirteen and six (US2014 $477.75)
Beaufoy's calculated payment from Titbits 4.505 [Calypso]

four pounds (US2014 $520)
what Mulligan thinks Stephen makes 1.293 [Telemachus]
Agendath Netaim, eighty German marks 4.195 [Calypso]

five pounds (US2014 $650)
Bloom's welfare plan, per newborn 8.384 [Lestryg]
Molly's imagined reward for Bloom's return 17.2001 [Ithaca]
Lady Gregory's contribution to JAJ (and Nora's) elopement

five guineas (US2014 $682.50)
Rumbold's fee for hanging 12.428 [Cyclops]

five pounds six (US2014 $689)
Joyce's monthly budget in Paris, March 1903

six pounds (US2014 $780)
Mary Driscoll's yearly wage 15.868 [Circe]
monthly wage of "gentleman's valet"? 16.655 [Eumeus]
round trip to Norway [ad]

six guineas (US2014 $819)
opera glasses with "Goerz lenses" 8.553 [Lestryg]

seven pounds (US2014 $910)
First Grade Freewheel Cycles (shop soiled) [cite]

seven pounds ten (US2014 $975)
monthly wage from Paris Berlitz, 1903

eight pounds one (US2014 $1046.50)
Joyce's monthly expenses in Paris, March 1903

eight guineas (US2014 $1092)
Kathleen Kearney's promised fee to accompany four concerts [Dubliners] [Mother]

eight pounds ten (US2014 $1105)
fare Dublin-to-Zurich for two with trunk

nine pounds (US2014 $1170)
what Stephen owes Mulligan 2.255 [Nestor]
cheap couch, two easy chairs, and four small chairs [J&M- Little Cloud]

ten guineas (US2014 $1365)
what Stephen owes Curran 2.256 [Nestor]
Joyce's yearly fees for University [pc172]

twelve pounds (US2014 $1560)
Joyce's payment for Ibsen review, 1900

fifteen pounds (US2014 $1950)
50 US colleges paid this fee (each) for Yeats' 1904 lecture tour [rff305]

fifteen guineas (US2014 $2047.50)
featherweight bicycle [cite]

eighteen pounds (US2014 $2340)
gold-embroidered vestments for high mass [J&M]

eighteen fourteen and six (US2014 $2434.25)
Bloom's bank balance 17.1863 [Ithaca]

twenty pounds (US2014 $2600)
vacation for two in Athens 1.43 [Telemachus]
what Boylan told Molly he bet 18.424 [Penelope]
Joyce's 1894 exam prize

twenty guineas (US2014 $2730)
the mantle Stephen wants to buy his mother [Portrait II] [PoA2]

25 pounds (US2014 $3250)
James' first-year fee at Clongowes, discounted from 45 guineas [e27]

27 pounds (US2014 $3510)
Cuffe's springers 6.393 [Hades]

28 pounds (US2014 $3640)
valuation of #80 Eccles 4.236 [Calypso]
yearly rent on #7 Eccles

30 pounds (US2014 $3900)
Joyce's 1897 exam prize

35 pounds (US2014 $4550)
Joyce's 1898 exam prize (33 in Portrait II) [PoA2]

36 pounds (US2014 $4680)
Bloom's yearly income (4%) from his Canadian stock 17.1484 [Ithaca] [Gifford]

42 pounds (US2014 $5460)
valuation of Bloom Cottage 17.1501 [Ithaca]

fortyfive guineas (US2014 $6142.50)
non-discounted year at Clongowes [e27]

fifty pounds (US2014 $6500)
Glynn the organist's yearly wage 5.396 [Lotus]
purse of Bennett-Keogh match 10.1134 [WRocks]
an expensive gold watch [J&M- Little Cloud]

sixtyfive guineas (US2014 $8872.50)
Dolmetsch lute 16.1766 [Eumeus]

seventy pounds (US2014 $9100)
John Joyce's yearly pension

100 pounds (US2014 $13,000)
bid for Bloom 15.3111 [Circe]
Gumley's yearly income, before he squandered it 16.950 [Eumeus]
Kathleen Kearney's dowry [Dubliners] [Mother]
a cottage in Dalkey [J&M- A Mother]

132 pounds 2/10 (US2014 $17,192.50)
John Joyce's pension as of 1893

150 pounds (US2014 $19,500)
"lovely old organ" 6.610 [Hades]
yearly income of Nora's uncle Michael Healy
yearly 'rate' of Antient Concert Rooms [J&M- A Mother]

190 pounds (US2014 $24,700)
Rosenbach's steal on Ulysses manuscript (US1924 $1975)

210 pounds (US2014 $27,300)
Eccles rental (£28) plus 365 times Bloom's apparent daily budget (10/0) [Sirens] equals minimum yearly budget? (not counting Molly's and Milly's allowances)

280 pounds (US2014 $36,400)
a new redbrick house in Fairview [J&M- Eveline]

300 pounds (US2014 $39,000)
yearly welfare in Bloom's scheme 16.1135 [Eumeus]

500 pounds (US2014 $65,000)
damages for shock 15.647 [Circe]
Bloom's life insurance 17.1856 [Ithaca]
John S Joyce's original yearly income, inherited 1881

600 pounds (US2014 $78,000)
yearly 'rate' of Brown Thomas's [J&M- A Mother]

665 pounds 9 shillings (US2014 $86,547.50)
John S Joyce's 1932 effects [e644]

900 pounds (US2014 $117,000)
Bloom's Canadian gov't stock 17.1864 [Ithaca]

1000 pounds (US2014 $130,000)
a year = blessing 12.1752 [Cyclops]
reward for Jack the Ripper 15.1154 [Circe]
deposit (against potential lawsuits) demanded of JAJ by Maunsel for publication of Dubliners (waived?)

1875 pounds (US2014 $243,750)
John Joyce's 1894 sale of Cork properties

3650 pounds (US2014 $474,500)
salary of Lord Mayor [J&M- Ivy Day]

4000 pounds (US2014 $520,000)
Throwaway's prize 16.1277 [Eumeus]

10,000 pounds (US2014 $1,300,000)
Breen's u-p-up libel suit 8.263 [Lestryg]
Dollard's business failure 11.1014 [Sirens]
Edward Martyn's endowment for all-male choir [J&K- The Dead]

50,000 pounds (US2014 $6,500,000)
Mickey Hanlon's fishery wealth 8.895 [Lestryg]

1,000,000 pounds (US2014 $130,000,000)
prize for squaring circle 17.1697 [Ithaca]

Sources:[J&M] Jackson and McGinley's illustrated annotated Dubliners

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