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Page 184 (9.269-304) "A tall figure... Did he?"

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A tall figure in bearded homespun rose from shadow and unveiled its cooperative watch.

— I am afraid I am due at the Homestead.

84 Merrion Square South (1909 map)

Whither away? Exploitable ground.

— Are you going? John Eglinton's active eyebrows asked. Shall we see you at Moore's tonight? Piper is coming.

George Moore hosted a literary circle (usually at the Bailey Restaurant? or 4 Ely Place) (1909 map)

— Piper! Mr Best piped. Is Piper back?

'William JS Pyper' 32yo mining engineer in 1901, Russian translator 1915

Peter Piper pecked a peck of pick of peck of pickled pepper.

— I don't know if I can. Thursday. We have our meeting. If I can get away in time.

Yogibogeybox in Dawson chambers. Isis Unveiled. Their Pali book we tried to pawn. Crosslegged under an umbrel umbershoot he thrones an Aztec logos, functioning on astral levels, their oversoul, mahamahatma. The faithful hermetists await the light, ripe for chelaship, ringroundabout him. Louis H. Victory. T. Caulfield Irwin. Lotus ladies tend them i'the eyes, their pineal glands aglow. Filled with his god he thrones, Buddh under plantain. Gulfer of souls, engulfer. Hesouls, shesouls, shoals of souls. Engulfed with wailing creecries, whirled, whirling, they bewail.

Dawson street 1909 (n/s)

c1850 Buddhist scriptures in Pali

30yo Freethinker in 1901
LHV had published a mystical approach to WS in 1896

Antony and Cleopatra II.2.246 'Her gentlewomen, like the Nereides, So many mermaids, tended her i' the eyes, And made their bends adornings'

In quintessential triviality
For years in this fleshcase a shesoul dwelt.

"In quintessential triviality Of flesh, for four fleet years, a she-soul dwelt..." LHV 1903 [cite]

fd: [334]
— They say we are to have a literary surprise, the quaker librarian said, friendly and earnest. Mr Russell, rumour has it, is gathering together a sheaf of our younger poets' verses. We are all looking forward anxiously.

"New Songs" 1904
AE had accepted some of JAJ's poems but they weren't included, maybe because JAJ wanted payment and so took them elsewhere.
Gogarty had already reviewed it in the first issue of Eglinton's journal "Dana" in May

Anxiously he glanced in the cone of lamplight where three faces, lighted, shone.

See this. Remember.

Stephen looked down on a wide headless caubeen, hung on his ashplanthandle over his knee. My casque and sword. Touch lightly with two index fingers. Aristotle's experiment. One or two? Necessity is that in virtue of which it is impossible that one can be otherwise. Argal, one hat is one hat.

neither "caubeen" nor "casque" is remotely accurate for SD's latin-quarter/Hamlet hat
Aristotle's illusion


Young Colum and Starkey. George Roberts is doing the commercial part. Longworth will give it a good puff in the Express. O, will he? I liked Colum's Drover. Yes, I think he has that queer thing, genius. Do you think he has genius really? Yeats admired his line: As in wild earth a Grecian vase. Did he?

dialog compressed in SD's mind's ear, sifting it for anything useful (cf LB p71: "Doran, Lyons in Conway's.")

'Patrick J Collumb' 18yo clerk in 1901
'Patrick Joseph Columb' 29yo journalist in 1911
'James Sullivan Starkey' 21yo apothecary's assistant in 1901, 1911 (aka Seumas O'Sullivan)
'George Thomas Roberts' 39yo publisher in 1911
'Ernest Victor Longworth' 36yo barrister in 1911?
'Edward V Longworth' 26yo student in 1901??
Colum's Drover, "As in wild earth a Grecian vase" (different poems)

"On 19 November 1903, 21yo James Joyce published his last review in the 'Daily Express' and departed their offices forever, the editor Longworth supposedly threatening to kick him downstairs if he ever returned." [cite]



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