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Page 238 (10.1028-1060) "Rather lowsized... newbought book."

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— Rather lowsized, Dignam of Menton's office that was, Martin Cunningham said.

cf Simon's "low blackguardism"?

Long John Fanning could not remember him.

Clatter of horsehoofs sounded from the air.

— What's that? Martin Cunningham said.

All turned where they stood. John Wyse Nolan came down again. From the cool shadow of the doorway he saw the horses pass Parliament street, harness and glossy pasterns in sunlight shimmering. Gaily they went past before his cool unfriendly eyes, not quickly. In saddles of the leaders, leaping leaders, rode outriders.

cf Dilly's "sunshades spanned and wheelspokes spinning in the glare"

(isn't "Gaily" surprising?)

if they're leaders how can they be outriders too? [more]

p243: "Beyond Lundy Foot's from the shaded door of Kavanagh's winerooms John Wyse Nolan smiled with unseen coldness towards the lord lieutenantgeneral and general governor of Ireland."

— What was it? Martin Cunningham asked, as they went on up the staircase.

— The lord lieutenant general and general governor of Ireland, John Wyse Nolan answered from the stairfoot.

(is this respectful or disrespectful?)


streetview now
1909 map

As they trod across the thick carpet Buck Mulligan whispered behind his Panama to Haines:

(why is panama capitalised?)

we last saw these two at the end of the last chapter in the Library. how did their path not parallel Stephen's?

— Parnell's brother. There in the corner.

intrusion-source 16BM4:

They chose a small table near the window, opposite a longfaced man whose beard and gaze hung intently down on a chessboard.

we should expect them to spend 15min minimum

this image seemed to intrude on Lambert and Love before Kitty de-twigs: "From a long face a beard and gaze hung on a chessboard."
the cavalcade will pass them around 3:40

— Is that he? Haines asked, twisting round in his seat.

who talks like this besides professional grammarians and posers?

— Yes, Mulligan said. That's John Howard, his brother, our city marshal.

John Howard Parnell translated a white bishop quietly and his grey claw went up again to his forehead whereat it rested. An instant after, under its screen, his eyes looked quickly, ghostbright, at his foe and fell once more upon a working corner.

he's about 60yo [pics]

— I'll take a mélange, Haines said to the waitress.

— Two mélanges, Buck Mulligan said. And bring us some scones and butter and some cakes as well.

he's ordering but Haines is paying

When she had gone he said, laughing:

— We call it D.B.C. because they have damn bad cakes. O, but you missed Dedalus on Hamlet.

bad cakes compared to... Oxford???

why does BM only bring up SD now? what else have they been talking about?

Haines opened his newbought book.

Haines : new book :: Dilly : 2ndhand




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