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Page 183 (9.235-268) "Dialectic... pleaser."

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— Dialectic, Stephen answered: and from his mother how to bring thoughts into the world. What he learnt from his other wife Myrto (absit nomen!), Socratididion's Epipsychidion, no man, not a woman, will ever know. But neither the midwife's lore nor the caudlectures saved him from the archons of Sinn Fein and their naggin of hemlock.

Mrs Caudle's Curtain Lectures [ebook]

— But Ann Hathaway? Mr Best's quiet voice said forgetfully. Yes, we seem to be forgetting her as Shakespeare himself forgot her.

His look went from brooder's beard to carper's skull, to remind, to chide them not unkindly, then to the baldpink lollard costard, guiltless though maligned.

(why isn't Best's attitude towards SD included here?)
brooder = AE/Charybdis
carper = JE/Scylla
skull (cf p177 "his rufous skull")
Lollard = 14thC protestants (cf Quakers)
Costard = bumpkin in Love's Labours Lost

fd: [333]
— He had a good groatsworth of wit, Stephen said, and no truant memory. He carried a memory in his wallet as he trudged to Romeville whistling The girl I left behind me. If the earthquake did not time it we should know where to place poor Wat, sitting in his form, the cry of hounds, the studded bridle and her blue windows. That memory, Venus and Adonis, lay in the bedchamber of every light-of-love in London. Is Katharine the shrew illfavoured? Hortensio calls her young and beautiful. Do you think the writer of Antony and Cleopatra, a passionate pilgrim, had his eyes in the back of his head that he chose the ugliest doxy in all Warwickshire to lie withal? Good: he left her and gained the world of men. But his boywomen are the women of a boy. Their life, thought, speech are lent them by males. He chose badly? He was chosen, it seems to me. If others have their will Ann hath a way. By cock, she was to blame. She put the comether on him, sweet and twentysix. The greyeyed goddess who bends over the boy Adonis, stooping to conquer, as prologue to the swelling act, is a boldfaced Stratford wench who tumbles in a cornfield a lover younger than herself.

Troilus and Cressida III.3.151 'ULYSSES Time hath, my lord, a wallet at his back, Wherein he puts alms for oblivion, A great-sized monster of ingratitudes'
♬ The Girl I Left Behind Me
Light o' Love

the only surviving 1st edition
maybe Ann H
Taming of the Shrew I.2.57ff 'Petruchio, shall I then come roundly to thee And wish thee to a shrewd ill-favour'd wife?... I can, Petruchio, help thee to a wife With wealth enough and young and beauteous, Brought up as best becomes a gentlewoman'

Twelfth Night II.3.45 'What is love? 'tis not hereafter; Present mirth hath present laughter; What's to come is still unsure: In delay there lies no plenty; Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty, Youth's a stuff will not endure.'

And my turn? When?


— Ryefield, Mr Best said brightly, gladly, raising his new book, gladly, brightly.

He murmured then with blonde delight for all:


Between the acres of the rye
    These pretty countryfolk would lie.

As You Like It V.3.20 'Between the acres of the rye, With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino These pretty country folks would lie,'

Paris: the wellpleased pleaser.



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