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Page 226 (10.584-619) "Mr Bloom turned... Flesh yielded"

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Joyce dares us to synchronize this section to Lenehan's passing, but based on the intrusion of the elderly woman it could be 15min later, inside an entirely different bookstore. (based only on Maginni's intrusion it could be 10min earlier, too.)

Mr Bloom turned over idly pages of The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, then of Aristotle's Masterpiece. Crooked botched print. Plates: infants cuddled in a ball in bloodred wombs like livers of slaughtered cows. Lots of them like that at this moment all over the world. All butting with their skulls to get out of it. Child born every minute somewhere. Mrs Purefoy.

Maria Monk [ebook]


He laid both books aside and glanced at the third: Tales of the Ghetto by Leopold von Sacher Masoch.


— That I had, he said, pushing it by.

The shopman let two volumes fall on the counter.

Byrne identifies him as Josh Strong, but says his shop was a block west at 26 Wellington quay (1901) (1909 map)
Byrne denies there was ever a bookcart under the arch

— Them are two good ones, he said.

he has an understanding with Bloom that he wants porn

Onions of his breath came across the counter out of his ruined mouth. He bent to make a bundle of the other books, hugged them against his unbuttoned waistcoat and bore them off behind the dingy curtain.

he keeps such things hidden so as not to offend (or get arrested?)

pseudo-intrusion 10LB15:

On O'Connell bridge many persons observed the grave deportment and gay apparel of Mr Denis J. Maginni, professor of dancing &c.

about 9min walk from where we saw him c3pm, so Bloom could head to the arch next in time for Lenehan (might Bloom see Maginni out the bookstore windows?)

Mr Bloom, alone, looked at the titles. Fair Tyrants by James Lovebirch. Know the kind that is. Had it? Yes.

He opened it. Thought so.

(what confirmation?)

A woman's voice behind the dingy curtain. Listen: the man.

the shopman and his wife?

No: she wouldn't like that much. Got her it once.

"she" = Molly

He read the other title: Sweets of Sin. More in her line. Let us see.

He read where his finger opened.

All the dollarbills her husband gave her were spent in the stores on wondrous gowns and costliest frillies. For him! For Raoul!

Yes. This. Here. Try.

Her mouth glued on his in a luscious voluptuous kiss while his hands felt for the opulent curves inside her déshabillé.

Yes. Take this. The end.

(is Bloom also checking the last page?)

You are late, he spoke hoarsely, eyeing her with a suspicious glare.

The beautiful woman threw off her sabletrimmed wrap, displaying her queenly shoulders and heaving embonpoint. An imperceptible smile played round her perfect lips as she turned to him calmly.

Mr Bloom read again: The beautiful woman...

Warmth showered gently over him, cowing his flesh. Flesh yielded




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