Saturday, October 11, 2014

[Hamlet on the Web]

[with considerable dread i'm exploring the web resources for hamlet, in the hope of discovering a simple system for annotating ulysses' hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of allusions.
editions, annotations, paraphrases... i'd like a sort of GoogleMyShakespeare where the ulysses allusions-to are listed in ulysses order, interlinked with the hamlet allusions-from in hamlet order. far things seem so primitive i'm encouraged to do a whole new hyperhamlet...]

hyperhamlet: I.i I.ii I.iii I.iv I.v II.i II.ii III.i IIII.ii III.iii III.iv IV.i IV.ii IV.iii IV.iv IV.v IV.vii V.i V.ii

eNotes: one scene per page with paraphrase and hypernotes (lines not indexed)

1899 Furness Variorum: [archv]

ShakespeareOnline: one scene per page, with footnotes by linenumber (lines not indexed)

OpenSourceShakespeare: one scene per page, no notes, indexed lines

HamletWorks: 100s of notes per line?!?!?



videos: [1920-14pts] [1921-2hr] [1955-italian 2pt] [p brook 2hr] [BLC 2013 2hr]


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