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[bio] [1916 Figgis bio] [Boyd]

1899: "Literary Ideals in Ireland" [ebook]

1900? "The renewal of youth" [ebook]

1901: "Nationalism and Imperialism" [etext]

1902: JAJ's visit

Russell 1901, 1911

1894? 1901? 1904? "Homeward; songs by the way" [ebook] [ebook]

1903: "The Nuts of Knowledge" [etext]

1903 self-portrait

1904: "The divine vision, and other poems" [ebook]

p31: "Russell, one guinea"

p135: "What do you think really of that hermetic crowd, the opal hush poets: A.E. the master mystic? That Blavatsky woman started it. She was a nice old bag of tricks. A.E. has been telling some yankee interviewer that you came to him in the small hours of the morning to ask him about planes of consciousness."

p152: "My literary efforts have had the good fortune to meet with the approval of the eminent poet A.E. (Mr Geo Russell)."

p157-158: "—Of the twoheaded octopus, one of whose heads is the head upon which the ends of the world have forgotten to come while the other speaks with a Scotch accent. The tentacles...
They passed from behind Mr Bloom along the curbstone. Beard and bicycle. Young woman.
And there he is too. Now that's really a coincidence: second time. Coming events cast their shadows before. With the approval of the eminent poet Mr Geo Russell. That might be Lizzie Twigg with him. A.E: what does that mean? Initials perhaps. Albert Edward, Arthur Edmund, Alphonsus Eb Ed El Esquire. What was he saying? The ends of the world with a Scotch accent. Tentacles: octopus. Something occult: symbolism. Holding forth. She's taking it all in. Not saying a word. To aid gentleman in literary work.
His eyes followed the high figure in homespun, beard and bicycle, a listening woman at his side. Coming from the vegetarian. Only weggebobbles and fruit. Don't eat a beefsteak. If you do the eyes of that cow will pursue you through all eternity. They say it's healthier. Wind and watery though. Tried it. Keep you on the run all day. Bad as a bloater. Dreams all night. Why do they call that thing they gave me nutsteak? Nutarians. Fruitarians. To give you the idea you are eating rumpsteak. Absurd. Salty too. They cook in soda. Keep you sitting by the tap all night.
Her stockings are loose over her ankles. I detest that: so tasteless, Those literary ethereal people they are all. Dreamy, cloudy, symbolistic. Esthetes they are."

"Holy Office":
"Or him who once when snug abed
Saw Jesus Christ without his head
And tried so hard to win for us
The long-lost works of Eschylus."

1905: "The mask of Apollo and other stories" [ebook]

1906: "Some Irish essays" [ebook]

1906: "The earth breath and other poems" [ebook]

1909: "The hero in man" [ebook]

1909: "The building up of a rural civilisation" [ebook]


1913: 'interview' published
1913: "Co-operation and Nationality: A Guide for Rural Reformers" [ebook]
1913: "The Dublin strike" [ebook]
1913? "Collected Poems" [etexts]
1913? poem "Forgiveness" [etext] [audiobook]
1913? poem? "The Hour of Twilight" [audiobook]


1916: "By still waters, lyrical poems old and new" [ebook]

1916: "The National Being: Some Thoughts on an Irish Polity" [ebook]

1916: "Ireland, agriculture and the war; an open letter to Irish farmer by the editor of the "Irish homestead."" [ebook]

1917: "The Irish Home-rule Convention: Thoughts for a Convention" [ebook]
1917: "Thoughts for a convention : memorandum on the state of Ireland" [ebook]

1918: "The Candle of Vision" [ebook]

1920: "The economics of Ireland and the policy of the British government" [ebook]

1921: "The inner & the outer Ireland" [ebook]

1921: "Imaginations and reveries" [ebook]

1922: "The interpreters" [ebook]

1933: "The avatars; a futurist fantasy" [searchable]

1934 w/Mary 'Poppins' Travers

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