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Page 219 (10.327-361) "Blazes Boylan looked... E grazie."

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Blazes Boylan looked into the cut of her blouse. A young pullet. He took a red carnation from the tall stemglass.

it's thought "A young pullet." is our only glimpse of Boylan's thoughts

— This for me? he asked gallantly.

maybe the French 'galant' = dashing/flirtatious, he seems to be asking her to give it free

The blond girl glanced sideways at him, got up regardless, with his tie a bit crooked, blushing.

her thoughts now
"got up" = dressed up
regardless of what? he's carelessly dressed

she's blushing, not him

— Yes, sir, she said.

she probably adds it to his bill

Bending archly she reckoned again fat pears and blushing peaches.

adding the cost of the flower?

if the total includes champagne it could come to £1/7/6, about $200 today, but Thornton's is unlikely to sell champagne

Blazes Boylan looked in her blouse with more favour, the stalk of the red flower between his smiling teeth.

— May I say a word to your telephone, missy? he asked roguishly.

so the Bloom intrusion and the HELY'S glimpse are pretty definitely just minutes before the phonecall, which must be something like 15min after the demo


the band arriving, below, means we might be back before 3pm.

Stephen and his sympathetic Italian professor are standing outside. We last saw Stephen leaving the Library with Mulligan, and passing Bloom, 1/3 mile southeast

streetview now
1909 map

Ma! Almidano Artifoni said.

'But!' in Italian

Trieste not Dublin
9 years older than Joyce

He gazed over Stephen's shoulder at Goldsmith's knobby poll.

David Garrick: "As the cause of Goldsmith, for shortness call'd Noll, Who wrote like an angel, but talk'd like poor Poll."

Two carfuls of tourists passed slowly, their women sitting fore, gripping the handrests. Palefaces. Men's arms frankly round their stunted forms. They looked from Trinity to the blind columned porch of the bank of Ireland where pigeons roocoocooed.

why stunted palefaces? (Stephen's thoughts)

Anch'io ho avuto di queste idee, Almidano Artifoni said, quand' ero giovine come Lei. Eppoi mi sono convinto che il mondo è una bestia. È peccato. Perchè la sua voce... sarebbe un cespite di rendita, via. Invece, Lei si sacrifica.

'I too have had this idea when I was young like you. I am even convinced that the world is a beastly thing. It's a pity. Because your voice... would be a source of income, you know. But instead, you sacrifice yourself.'
so Stephen has just told AA he's chosen not to sing professionally for some idealistic reason? after AA offered him some music? (see below)

Sacrifizio incruento, Stephen said smiling, swaying his ashplant in slow swingswong from its midpoint, lightly.

A bloodless sacrifice.

Speriamo, the round mustachioed face said pleasantly. Ma, dia retta a me. Ci rifletta.

'Let us hope. But, listen to me. Think about it.'

By the stern stone hand of Grattan, bidding halt, an Inchicore tram unloaded straggling Highland soldiers of a band.

bronze not stone

Inchicore = south of Phoenix Park, site of Richmond Barracks

the Seaforth Highlanders were scheduled for 3pm at the College Sports park in connection with the bicycle races... so are they all late, or is this section pre-3pm?

(there are so few clues to the timing of this section that joyce is almost surely up to something: artifoni will walk 2/3 mile before we see him again by Holles street, and then 2/3 more before he's spotted by the cavalcade, apparently finally catching his tram (to where?), some 30min after this section. stephen is coming from the Library, heading to the bookshop and dilly. dilly's still with simon, but the halfmile bikerace is almost over. the cavalcade may not even have started, or at least hasn't left the park.)

Ci riflettò, Stephen said, glancing down the solid trouserleg.

'I'll think about it.'

why "solid" and "stout"? Italian tradition? poverty?

Ma, sul serio, eh? Almidano Artifoni said.

'But do you really mean to, eh?'

His heavy hand took Stephen's firmly. Human eyes. They gazed curiously an instant and turned quickly towards a Dalkey tram.

cf Bloom p93: "Martin Cunningham's large eyes. Looking away now. Sympathetic human man he is."

why is AA going to/toward Dalkey? could it have anything to do with Deasy? could he have suggested AA take over his job there???

Eccolo, Almidano Artifoni said in friendly haste. Venga a trovarmi e ci pensi. Addio, caro.

'Here it is' (the tram) 'Come and see me and think about it. Goodbye, my dear fellow.'

Arrivederla, maestro, Stephen said, raising his hat when his hand was freed. E grazie.

'Goodbye, master. And thank you.'
Stephen uses the more formal arrivederla in place of the commoner arrivederci.


mysteries: time of 6AA, purpose of AA's tram to Dalkey


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