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Page 220 (10.362-396) "Di che? ...I'll ring them up after five."

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Di che? Almidano Artifoni said. Scusi, eh? Tante belle cose!

'For what? Excuse me, eh? All the best!'

Almidano Artifoni, holding up a baton of rolled music as a signal, trotted on stout trousers after the Dalkey tram. In vain he trotted, signalling in vain among the rout of barekneed gillies smuggling implements of music through Trinity gates.

has AA been offering SD some music, to advance his singing career?

why smuggling?


Miss Dunne hid the Capel street library copy of The Woman in White far back in her drawer and rolled a sheet of gaudy notepaper into her typewriter.

same library LB uses (1909 map)

why would she type on "gaudy notepaper"?

we know she works for Boylan but it's never stated where. one theory is she's across from the Red Bank restaurant, another across from the Empire theatre. (U504 offers: "Unspeakable messages he telephoned mentally to Miss Dunn at an address in d'Olier Street while he presented himself indecently to the instrument in the callbox.")

yet another theory proposes she's "Martha Clifford" (so she might even be writing again to "Henry Flower" here) but it seems odd she'd have answered his original ad under a pseudonym

Too much mystery business in it. Is he in love with that one, Marion? Change it and get another by Mary Cecil Haye.


intrusion 7MD6 from 9TL4:

The disk shot down the groove, wobbled a while, ceased and ogled them: six.

this exemplary intrusion is from the start of section 9, in some building with an exit into Crampton court, possibly the Empire Palace Theatre, around 3:05pm.  it's immediately followed by three more potential clues: the HELY'S men and phonecall link to Boylan, while the poster may hint her location. the elapsed time in section 9 between this intrusion and Lenehan's glimpse of Bloom (ten minutes?) is a poor fit to the lapse between Bloom's intrusion on section 5 and Boylan's phonecall... so maybe the next few paragraphs take ten minutes longer than they seem?

maybe Lenehan has just crossed Dame street, from seeing Miss Dunne (mentioned below) to seeing Tom Rochford?

Miss Dunne clicked on the keyboard:

— 16 June 1904.

typing a formal date on gaudy notepaper (shouldn't this be italic?)

pseudo-intrusion 7MD10:

Five tallwhitehatted sandwichmen between Monypeny's corner and the slab where Wolfe Tone's statue was not, eeled themselves turning H.E.L.Y'S and plodded back as they had come.

1909 map
if Dunne sees this herself, she's so close to Boylan he'd hardly bother to phone... so it's probably a pseudo-intrusion (cf his viewpoint a moment earlier: "H.E.L.Y'S. filed before him, tallwhitehatted, past Tangier lane, plodding towards their goal.")

Bloom saw them two hours earlier by the ballast office, and rejected the possibility they were employed by Boylan

Then she stared at the large poster of Marie Kendall, charming soubrette, and, listlessly lolling, scribbled on the jotter sixteens and capital esses. Mustard hair and dauby cheeks. She's not nicelooking, is she? The way she's holding up her bit of a skirt.

is she sitting in front of a(n upstairs?) window facing the street? or is the poster hanging on the office wall for some reason? ("large" suggests it's outside)

could these thoughts take 10-15mins?

Lenehan will pass an identical poster on the Empire Theatre in a moment: "They passed Dan Lowry's musichall where Marie Kendall, charming soubrette, smiled on them from a poster a dauby smile." (c3:10pm)


why esses? Shannon?

"charming soubrette"

Wonder will that fellow be at the band tonight. If I could get that dressmaker to make a concertina skirt like Susy Nagle's. They kick out grand. Shannon and all the boatclub swells never took his eyes off her. Hope to goodness he won't keep me here till seven.

Susy was 26yo in 1901

could Shannon be his last name?

The telephone rang rudely by her ear.

are we perhaps jumping to the conclusion Boylan is calling from Thornton's, with the (false) support of the HELY'S timing?

— Hello. Yes, sir. No, sir. Yes, sir. I'll ring them up after five. Only those two, sir, for Belfast and Liverpool. All right, sir. Then I can go after six if you're not back. A quarter after. Yes, sir. Twentyseven and six. I'll tell him. Yes: one, seven, six.

(it's been suggested this might be Molly's concert fee, but he wouldn't be reporting that by phone from Thornton's)

might it be the rental on a piano for Molly?

She scribbled three figures on an envelope.

— Mr Boylan! Hello! That gentleman from Sport was in looking for you. Mr Lenehan, yes. He said he'll be in the Ormond at four. No, sir. Yes, sir. I'll ring them up after five.

Lenehan has already seen Bloom at the bookcart by this point. we saw Lenehan at the end of episode 7, followed apparently more recently by this visit to Miss Dunne in person.

if Boylan's office were near the Red Bank, Boylan himself could have stopped there on his way north...?


mysteries: where is Miss Dunne?? what was the 1/7/6 for?


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  1. I only regret that it is only at this stage of my reading Ulysses that I have discovered your most helpful blog. I hesitate to offer an initial comment with something a bit suggestive (this is Ulysses, after all, though), but the reference to the “implements of music” being smuggled through the gates of Trinity College is likely an off color reference to the similarity in appearance of a bagpipe to the “music-producing” male members being smuggled under the musicians' kilts.

  2. here's a new, mostly-complete single-page html ulysses edition you can download (and unzip): https://sites.google.com/site/ulyssestext/Python27.zip