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Page 242 (10.1172-1207) "trying to say... knew by the style"

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trying to say it better. Poor pa. That was Mr Dignam, my father. I hope he is in purgatory now because he went to confession to Father Conroy on Saturday night.

46yo in 1911


William Humble, earl of Dudley, and Lady Dudley, accompanied by lieutenantcolonel Hesseltine, drove out after luncheon from the viceregal lodge. In the following carriage were the honourable Mrs Paget, Miss de Courcy and the honourable Gerald Ward, A.D.C. in attendance.

Conmee departed alone, on foot


28yo Cyril Ward? brother of the earl, or Gerald
streetview now
1909 map

The cavalcade passed out by the lower gate of Phoenix Park saluted by obsequious policemen and proceeded past Kingsbridge along the northern quays. The viceroy was most cordially greeted on his way through the metropolis.

postcards captioned 'viceroy's entrance into dublin'
streetview now
1909 map

At Bloody bridge Mr Thomas Kernan beyond the river greeted him vainly from afar.

one of the few instants shown from two perspectives: "A cavalcade in easy trot along Pembroke quay passed, outriders leaping, leaping in their, in their saddles. Frockcoats. Cream sunshades. Mr Kernan hurried forward, blowing pursily. His Excellency! Too bad! Just missed that by a hair. Damn it! What a pity!"

streetview now

Between Queen's and Whitworth bridges Lord Dudley's viceregal carriages passed and were unsaluted by Mr Dudley White, B.L., M.A., who stood on Arran Quay outside Mrs M.E. White's, the pawnbroker's, at the corner of Arran street west stroking his nose with his forefinger, undecided whether he should arrive at Phibsborough more quickly by a triple change of tram or by hailing a car or on foot through Smithfield, Constitution hill and Broadstone terminus.

38yo in 1911, 28 in 1901

(tram/car/foot anticipates GoogleMaps directions)

(the funeral passed through Phibsborough)

In the porch of Four Courts Richie Goulding with the costsbag of Goulding, Collis and Ward saw him with surprise.

"him" = Lord Dudley, not Dudley White? or maybe Ward??

streetview now
1909 map

Past Richmond bridge at the doorstep of the office of Reuben J. Dodd, solicitor, agent for the Patriotic Insurance Company, an elderly female about to enter changed her plan and retracing her steps by King's windows smiled credulously on the representative of His Majesty.

streetview now

From its sluice in Wood quay wall under Tom Devan's office Poddle river hung out in fealty a tongue of liquid sewage.

1909 map (Wellington not Wood)

Above the crossblind of the Ormond Hotel, gold by bronze, Miss Kennedy's head by Miss Douce's head watched and admired.

this will be the opening image of the next episode: "Bronze by gold heard the hoofirons, steelyringing... Bronze by gold, Miss Douce's head by Miss Kennedy's head, over the crossblind of the Ormond bar heard the viceregal hoofs go by, ringing steel."

it was also an intrusion: "Bronze by gold, Miss Kennedy's head by Miss Douce's head, appeared above the crossblind of the Ormond hotel."

streetview now
1909 map

On Ormond quay Mr Simon Dedalus, steering his way from the greenhouse for the subsheriff's office, stood still in midstreet and brought his hat low. His Excellency graciously returned Mr Dedalus' greeting.

"greenhouse" suggests he drank somewhere

From Cahill's corner the reverend Hugh C. Love, M.A., made obeisance unperceived, mindful of lords deputies whose hands benignant had held of yore rich advowsons.

we saw him last as an intrusion on Simon and friends: "The reverend Hugh C. Love walked from the old Chapterhouse of saint Mary's abbey past James and Charles Kennedy's, rectifiers, attended by Geraldines tall and personable, towards the Tholsel beyond the Ford of Hurdles."

streetview now
1909 map?

On Grattan bridge Lenehan and M'Coy, taking leave of each other, watched the carriages go by.

last seen a few blocks east
Bloom is about where they were, invisible to the cavalcade but probably aware of it in the distance (streetview now)

Passing by Roger Greene's office and Dollard's big red printinghouse Gerty MacDowell, carrying the Catesby's cork lino letters for her father who was laid up, knew by the style

57yo in 1901
Dollard Printing House, account-book manufacturer, 2-5 Wellington Quay (not Ben) 1909 map

for Gerty MacDowell see episode 13 (shouldn't she be limping?)

business letters (correspondence) about cork linoleum flooring




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