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Page 229 (10.691-725) "The lacquey, aware... explosion. Terrible,"

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The lacquey, aware of comment, shook the lolling clapper of his bell but feebly:

— Bang!

Mr Dedalus stared at him.

— Watch him, he said. It's instructive. I wonder will he allow us to talk.

Simon expects his concerns to take priority

— You got more than that, father, Dilly said.

— I'm going to show you a little trick, Mr Dedalus said. I'll leave you all where Jesus left the jews. Look, there's all I have. I got two shillings from Jack Power and I spent twopence for a shave for the funeral.

He drew forth a handful of copper coins, nervously.

— Can't you look for some money somewhere? Dilly said.

Mr Dedalus thought and nodded.

— I will, he said gravely. I looked all along the gutter in O'Connell street. I'll try this one now.

— You're very funny, Dilly said, grinning.

"grinning" = not sarcastic?? relieved to have a shilling?

— Here, Mr Dedalus said, handing her two pennies. Get a glass of milk for yourself and a bun or a something. I'll be home shortly.

not entirely heartless

He put the other coins in his pocket and started to walk on.

intrusion 11DD67 from 19vc:

The viceregal cavalcade passed, greeted by obsequious policemen, out of Parkgate.

intrusion from 1.5 miles west
1909 map
they're already two miles (~20min) from their startingpoint
so, after Conmee gets off the tram (because his ankles intruded above)

— I'm sure you have another shilling, Dilly said.

The lacquey banged loudly.

Mr Dedalus amid the din walked off, murmuring to himself with a pursing mincing mouth:

— The little nuns! Nice little things! O, sure they wouldn't do anything! O, sure they wouldn't really! Is it little sister Monica!

we'll follow him shortly

the 1909 map shows a 'St Monica's Widows House' behind Conmee's church


starts about 3:25pm, just before the cavalcade leaves the Park

the blue dotted line:

From the sundial towards James's Gate walked Mr Kernan, pleased with the order he had booked for Pulbrook Robertson, boldly along James's street past Shackleton's offices.

streetview now
1909 map
already intruded on Simon and Dilly, 11DD31 above

38yo Quaker in 1911

Got round him all right. How do you do, Mr Crimmins? First rate, sir. I was afraid you might be up in your other establishment in Pimlico. How are things going? Just keeping alive. Lovely weather we 're having. Yes, indeed. Good for the country. Those farmers are always grumbling. I'll just take a thimbleful of your best gin, Mr Crimmins. A small gin, sir. Yes, sir. Terrible affair that General Slocum explosion. Terrible,

37yo in 1901
very similar to Bloom's style of salesmanship, eg w/Keyes




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