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[Patterns in Wandering Rocks]

19 subsections
1 is church, 19 is state
all take about 5min but 1, 19, and 9 (lenehan)

1-4 are all northside:
conmee heads northeast on a mission of mercy
corny stays put and schemes
the 1-legged sailor heads west, singing and begging
the dedalus girls head northwest, in hunger

we also catch a glimpse of lady maxwell heading home from father conmee's church, and of molly bloom getting ready for boylan

17-19 are toward the southeast:
tisdall farrell by merrion square
master dignam by nassau street
the cavalcade (which starts in the far west) ending in ballsbridge

also bloom's crumpled throwaway drifting east towards the sea

boylan at #5 is south of master dignam's startingpoint

#12's tom kernan is alone in the southwest walking towards downtown

8, 9 and 15 are west of downtown:
ned lambert at st mary's just north of the liffey
lenehan just south of the liffey walking east then west
martin cunningham leaving the castle heading north

downtown just north of the river are simon and dilly

just south are bloom and stephen and mulligan and artifoni, and probably boylan's secretary

conmee's trip splits neatly into two 20min halves: after walking for 20 minutes, he boards a tram (as the viceregal party sets off), then walks again. almost all the action of the episode happens during the last half of conmee's trip, and the first overlapping half of the cavalcade.

only a few characters appear before conmee boards the tram:

long before, lady maxwell (who'd been visiting conmee) crosses paths with denis maginni (who'll reach the river before conmee boards the tram).

the sections for boylan (5) and his secretary (7) happen just after maginni meets maxwell. lenehan's section begins here too and continues for half an hour. and the onelegged sailor also ends before conmee boards the tram

a short 1st glimpse of the dedalus girls, and bloom browsing books, also start before conmee boards the tram.

the sequence of the intrusions

taking the intrusions and pseudo-intrusions in calculated order may help simplify things. (most are clustered between 3:15 and 3:35)

first, around 3:01, a pseudo-intrusion: "Mr Denis J. Maginni, professor of dancing &c, in silk hat, slate frockcoat with silk facings, white kerchief tie, tight lavender trousers, canary gloves and pointed patent boots, walking with grave deportment most respectfully took the curbstone as he passed lady Maxwell at the corner of Dignam's court." added last, linked via lady Maxwell's visit to Conmee
also added late, to Bloom's section ten: "On O'Connell bridge many persons observed the grave deportment and gay apparel of Mr Denis J. Maginni, professor of dancing &c." and to section 19: "Opposite Pigott's music warerooms Mr Denis J. Maginni, professor of dancing &c, gaily apparelled, gravely walked, outpassed by a viceroy and unobserved."
these are not simultaneous nor do they intrude from any subsection.

The earliest proper intrusion comes at 3:05 with Lenehan's section 9: "the top disk... shot down the groove, wobbled a while, ceased, ogling them: six." intruding on Miss Dunne's section 7: "The disk shot down the groove, wobbled a while, ceased and ogled them: six."
(we can look for symbolic connections, or symmetric ones...?)

Lenehan's section then suffers an ambiguous pseudo-intrusion; "Lawyers of the past, haughty, pleading, beheld pass from the consolidated taxing office to Nisi Prius court Richie Goulding carrying the costbag of Goulding, Collis and Ward and heard rustling from the admiralty division of King's bench to the court of appeal an elderly female with false teeth smiling incredulously and a black silk skirt of great amplitude."
This is in the Four Courts, while Rochford's demo is south of the river in Crampton Court. The references are continued in a pseudo-intrusion in Bloom's section 10 around 3:15: "An elderly female, no more young, left the building of the courts of chancery, king's bench, exchequer and common pleas, having heard in the lord chancellor's court the case in lunacy of Potterton, in the admiralty division the summons, exparte motion, of the owners of the Lady Cairns versus the owners of the barque Mona, in the court of appeal reservation of judgment in the case of Harvey versus the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation." and also section 19 at 3:33: "In the porch of Four Courts Richie Goulding with the costsbag of Goulding, Collis and Ward saw him with surprise. Past Richmond bridge at the doorstep of the office of Reuben J. Dodd, solicitor, agent for the Patriotic Insurance Company, an elderly female about to enter changed her plan and retracing her steps by King's windows smiled credulously on the representative of His Majesty."

Just a moment after the Rochford/Lenehan intrusion, Miss Dunne suffers another semi-intrusion "Five tallwhitehatted sandwichmen between Monypeny's corner and the slab where Wolfe Tone's statue was not, eeled themselves turning H.E.L.Y'S and plodded back as they had come.' from Boylan's section 5: "H.E.L.Y'S. filed before him, tallwhitehatted, past Tangier lane, plodding towards their goal." (and then she notices the poster of Marie Kendall)
These confirm (or complicate?) the chronology of Boylan's phonecall to Dunne, while confusing her location.

Boylan meanwhile suffers an intrusion: "A darkbacked figure under Merchants' arch scanned books on the hawker's cart." of Bloom seen through Lenehan's eyes: "They went up the steps and under Merchants' arch. A darkbacked figure scanned books on the hawker's cart."
(Much more time has to have passed for Lenehan than for Boylan, as Lenehan's told the whole sewer-rescue story after passing Marie Kendall, charming soubrette, and also suffered a proper intrusion from the cavalcade: "The gates of the drive opened wide to give egress to the viceregal cavalcade." vs "The cavalcade passed out by the lower gate of Phoenix Park saluted by obsequious policemen". Also, the bookcart under the arch is fictional, so maybe Joyce is up to some trick?)

Ned Lambert's section doesn't begin until 3:25 but before this it has supplied an early pseudo-intrusion to the onelegged sailor "J.J. O'Molloy's white careworn face was told that Mr Lambert was in the warehouse with a visitor." (so he has to wait 20mins??)

whether Conmee's intrusion on Corny is pseudo or not depends on lines of sight: "On Newcomen bridge the very reverend John Conmee S.J. of saint Francis Xavier's church, upper Gardiner street, stepped onto an outward bound tram... At Newcomen bridge Father Conmee stepped into an outward bound tram" vs "Father John Conmee stepped into the Dollymount tram on Newcomen bridge."

the sailor's sight of Molly's arm ("A card Unfurnished Apartments slipped from the sash and fell. A plump bare generous arm shone, was seen, held forth from a white petticoatbodice and taut shiftstraps. A woman's hand flung forth a coin over the area railings.") intrudes into Corny's and Lenehan's sections, just after Conmee boards the tram: "Corny Kelleher sped a silent jet of hayjuice arching from his mouth while a generous white arm from a window in Eccles street flung forth a coin." and a little after (so pseudo): "A card Unfurnished Apartments reappeared on the windowsash of number 7 Eccles street."

another pseudo-intrusion for Lenehan precedes Molly: "Master Patrick Aloysius Dignam came out of Mangan's, late Fehrenbach's, carrying a pound and a half of porksteaks."

Dilly gets a pseudo intrusion: "Bang of the lastlap bell spurred the halfmile wheelmen to their sprint. J.A. Jackson, W.E. Wylie, A. Munro and H.T. Gahan, their stretched necks wagging, negotiated the curve by the College library." followed by a real one: "Mr Kernan, pleased with the order he had booked, walked boldly along James's street."

Parnell from Mulligan's section "They chose a small table near the window, opposite a longfaced man whose beard and gaze hung intently down on a chessboard." intrudes (much later?) on Kernan "From a long face a beard and gaze hung on a chessboard."

Then the sailor pseudo-intrudes on Mulligan (after the sailor's section ends): "The onelegged sailor growled at the area of 14 Nelson street: -- England expects..." and the throwaway pseudo-intrudes: "Elijah, skiff, light crumpled throwaway, sailed eastward by flanks of ships and trawlers, amid an archipelago of corks, beyond new Wapping street past Benson's ferry, and by the threemasted schooner Rosevean from Bridgwater with bricks."
Dedalus girls: "A skiff, a crumpled throwaway, Elijah is coming, rode lightly down the Liffey, under Loopline bridge, shooting the rapids where water chafed around the bridgepiers, sailing eastward past hulls and anchorchains, between the Customhouse old dock and George's quay."
Kernan: "North wall and sir John Rogerson's quay, with hulls and anchorchains, sailing westward, sailed by a skiff, a crumpled throwaway, rocked on the ferrywash, Elijah is coming."

Conmee "His thinsocked ankles were tickled by the stubble of Clongowes field." intrudes on the Dedalus girls "Father Conmee walked through Clongowes fields, his thinsocked ankles tickled by stubble."

followed by the auctioneer "The lacquey rang his bell. --Barang!" from Dilly's " The lacquey rang his bell behind their backs.  --Barang!"
and the throwaway above

Before the auctioneer, Kernan ("From the sundial towards James's Gate walked Mr Kernan, pleased with the order he had booked") intrudes on Dilly: "Mr Kernan, pleased with the order he had booked, walked boldly along James's street."

Simon ("--Hello, Simon, Father Cowley said. How are things? --Hello, Bob, old man, Mr Dedalus answered, stopping. ") intrudes on Kernan "--Hello, Simon, Father Cowley said. How are things? --Hello, Bob, old man, Mr Dedalus answered stopping."

The girl from Conmee ("the young woman abruptly bent and with slow care detached from her light skirt a clinging twig.") intrudes on Lambert: "The young woman with slow care detached from her light skirt a clinging twig."

3:28 simon-viceroy
3:29 lambert-conmee/kitty
3:29 kernan-simon
3:29 simon-farrell
3:29 simon-lambert
3:30 kernan-throwaway
3:31 stephen-conmee
-3:31 viceroy artifoni
-3:34 viceroy maginni
3:33 viceroy-goulding
-3:35 lenehan ?
3:37 cunningham-viceroy/ormond
3:38 cunningham-dignam/boylan

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