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Page 212 (10.66-104) "think that she... Creator who had made"

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think that she was a pawnbroker! Well, now! Such a... what should he say? ...such a queenly mien.

(she's listed as Catholic-- is that unusual?)

the Dedalus sisters will discuss her 20min from now, after Conmee gets off the tram

cf FW68 "A kingly man, of royal mien"

Father Conmee walked down Great Charles street and glanced at the shutup free church on his left. The reverend T.R. Green B.A. will (D.V.) speak. The incumbent they called him. He felt it incumbent on him to say a few words. But one should be charitable. Invincible ignorance. They acted according to their lights.

streetview now
1909 map
54yo w/4 kids in 1901
Deo volente = God willing
(cf?? Tisdall Farrell below: "Coactus volui." = 'against my will')

Father Conmee turned the corner and walked along the North Circular road. It was a wonder that there was no tramline in such an important thoroughfare. Surely, there ought to be.

streetview now
1909 map (aka Richmond place?)

cf p94: "I can't make out why the corporation doesn't run a tramline from the parkgate to the quays, Mr Bloom said."

1937 w/tram
around here, Lenehan sees the demo of Rochford's invention, and Boylan sees the HELY'S men

(thoughts-per-block declines here)

A band of satchelled schoolboys crossed from Richmond street. All raised untidy caps. Father Conmee greeted them more than once benignly. Christian brother boys.

streetview now
1909 map

he takes less trouble with them? snobbishly??

Father Conmee smelt incense on his right hand as he walked. Saint Joseph's church, Portland row. For aged and virtuous females. Father Conmee raised his hat to the Blessed Sacrament. Virtuous: but occasionally they were also badtempered.

streetview now
1909 map

surprising that he puts this into words

around this time, Boylan phones Miss Dunne, the cavalcade sets out, and Lenehan spots Bloom (the timing seems squeezed)

Near Aldborough house Father Conmee thought of that spendthrift nobleman. And now it was an office or something.

post office &c

streetview now
1909 map

Father Conmee began to walk along the North Strand road and was saluted by Mr William Gallagher who stood in the doorway of his shop. Father Conmee saluted Mr William Gallagher and perceived the odours that came from baconflitches and ample cools of butter.

streetview now
1909 map
65yo in 1911

baconflitches (half-pig each)
without refrigeration, the butter would be soft and spoil quickly, so the cools couldn't be too ample

(why is Conmee so sensitive to scents? substitute for/ indication of gluttony?)

somewhere around here the onelegged sailor's own section starts, passing Katey and Boody and the stout woman before Molly's arm intrudes on Corny

He passed Grogan's the tobacconist against which newsboards leaned and told of a dreadful catastrophe in New York. In America those things were continually happening. Unfortunate people to die like that, unprepared. Still, an act of perfect contrition.

Grogan was just an assistant in 1901

we got Bloom's view of the Slocum disaster in episode 8
and we'll get Kernan's in section 12TK

Father Conmee went by Daniel Bergin's publichouse against the window of which two unlabouring men lounged. They saluted him and were saluted.

41yo in 1901
"unlabouring" = euphemism for lazy

Father Conmee passed H.J. O'Neill's funeral establishment where Corny Kelleher totted figures in the daybook while he chewed a blade of hay. A constable on his beat saluted Father Conmee and Father Conmee saluted the constable.

it's now about 3:15pm. Corny will get the next short section 2CK, starting just after Conmee passes.

the undertaker's name in 1901 was Kerrigan

In Youkstetter's, the porkbutcher's, Father Conmee observed pig's puddings, white and black and red, lying neatly curled in tubes.

26yo in 1901
1909 map

Moored under the trees of Charleville Mall Father Conmee saw a turfbarge, a towhorse with pendent head, a bargeman with a hat of dirty straw seated amidships, smoking and staring at a branch of poplar above him. It was idyllic: and Father Conmee reflected on the providence of the Creator who had made

maybe the same barge Bloom had noticed a mile west 3 hrs earlier: "A man stood on his dropping barge between clamps of turf. On the towpath by the lock a slacktethered horse."

streetview now
1909 map

"smoking... idyllic" (echo of Lotus-eaters)




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