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Page 170 (8.988-1023) "Nothing in... whispered."

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— Nothing in black and white, Nosey Flynn said.

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Paddy Leonard and Bantam Lyons came in. Tom Rochford followed frowning, a plaining hand on his claret waistcoat.

Paddy Leonard p88 passim, Dubliners
in 1905 a real clerk named Tom Rochford was involved in a heroic sewer rescue, which will be anachronistically discussed in episode 10 
1901 39yo Arthur Rochford? 1911 42yo???

— Day, Mr Byrne.

— Day, gentlemen.

They paused at the counter.

— Who's standing? Paddy Leonard asked.

— I'm sitting anyhow, Nosey Flynn answered.

— Well, what'll it be? Paddy Leonard asked.

— I'll take a stone ginger, Bantam Lyons said.

"stone" referred to the bottle (a shortlived fad I think)
the 'ginger ale' vs 'ginger beer' distinction was still blurry, with ale usually clearer rather than cloudy. originally they were brewed and so had some alcohol, but by this time you had to specify the alcoholic kind

1896 ad

— How much? Paddy Leonard cried. Since when, for God' sake? What's yours, Tom?

— How is the main drainage? Nosey Flynn asked, sipping.

'Main Drainage' was a somewhat controversial topic in Dublin at the time

For answer Tom Rochford pressed his hand to his breastbone and hiccupped.

— Would I trouble you for a glass of fresh water, Mr Byrne? he said.

— Certainly, sir.

Paddy Leonard eyed his alemates.

— Lord love a duck, he said, look at what I'm standing drinks to! Cold water and gingerpop! Two fellows that would suck whisky off a sore leg. He has some bloody horse up his sleeve for the Gold cup. A dead snip.

'pop' referred to any carbonated drink in bottles that could make a popping sound when opened
whiskey was sometimes applied as an antiseptic

— Zinfandel is it? Nosey Flynn asked.

the horse, not the wine

Tom Rochford spilt powder from a twisted paper into the water set before him.

this trick for carrying powders may have originated for gunpowder in the days before bullets

— That cursed dyspepsia, he said before drinking.

CURsed (2 syllables)

— Breadsoda is very good, Davy Byrne said.

Tom Rochford nodded and drank.

baking soda, called bread soda in Ireland, is the simplest antacid. this seems to be what TR has brought with him.

— Is it Zinfandel?

— Say nothing! Bantam Lyons winked. I'm going to plunge five bob on my own.

5 shillings is about $30 today

— Tell us if you're worth your salt and be damned to you, Paddy Leonard said. Who gave it to you?

Mr Bloom on his way out raised three fingers in greeting.

(this wasn't the boyscout salute yet)

— So long! Nosey Flynn said.

The others turned.

— That's the man now that gave it to me, Bantam Lyons whispered.


mysteries: where is TomR in the 1901 and 1911 censi?

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