Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[Greeting to new visitors, 16 Sept 2014]

This blog is an experiment using Google's free blogging tools to compile a new hypermedia edition of James Joyce's Ulysses using only free online resources, but aiming to link as many such resources as possible.

Unlike the parallel Finnegans Wake, this edition isn't trying to keep up a breakneck one-page-a-day schedule, but we expect to move a little faster than Frank Delaney's very leisurely page-a-month podcasts (which we'll continue to embed in our text). (He had a 3-year's headstart and is currently nearing the end of episode 5 (Lotus-eaters) as we're starting to work through episode 8 (Lestrygonians).)

The Blogger toolkit insists that all pages be arranged in reverse chronological order, with limited 'cheating' permitted, so if you want to start at the beginning (preliminaries, general themes, ch1 overview, page 3) the navigation is regrettably clumsy and takes getting used to.

The searchbox in the upper left is a quick way to find all pages with a particular searchpattern. Another navigation aid is via Blogger's tags, called 'Labels': Telemachus, Nestor, Proteus, Calypso, Lotus-eaters, Hades, Eolus, episodes, motifs, riddles, characters, Joyce, reference, editing, blogging

If instead you want to browse, you can try this 'special pages index' (mostly Finnegans-Wake stuff now) or the 'Blog Archive' in the upper right margin of each page. The page-pages have widely varying quantities of images, videos, links, maps and annotations. Four audiobook editions are also embedded at the bottom of each page, with time-indexes. (You can suggest additions or report broken links in the comments.)

Popular recent 'special' Ulysses pages have discussed a possible boardgame and/or VR game. And theme park.

If you want to help, there are some mostly-FW-related special projects suggested here.

(We'll assume that you know how to do your own one-click Google searches by highlighting phrases and right-clicking them, then selecting 'search' from the popup menu. This is a necessary basic skill.)

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