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Before Bloomsday 1904

c June 20 Seymour "Going over next week to stew" (p22)

Friday June 17

Thursday June 16

p191 "The sentimentalist is he who would enjoy without incurring the immense debtorship for a thing done. Signed: Dedalus. Where did you launch it from? The kips? No. College Green. Have you drunk the four quid? The aunt is going to call on your unsubstantial father. Telegram! Malachi Mulligan, the Ship, lower Abbey street."

p190 "Three drams of usquebaugh you drank with Dan Deasy's ducats. How much did I spend? O, a few shillings."

p26 "— Have I heard all? Stephen asked.
— Yes, sir. Hockey at ten, sir.
— Half day, sir. Thursday"

p25 "Where do you begin in this?" SD not current

p11 "— I get paid this morning, Stephen said.
— The school kip? Buck Mulligan said. How much? Four quid?"

p46 "After he woke me up last night same dream or was it? Wait. Open hallway. Street of harlots. Remember. Haroun al Raschid. I am almosting it. That man led me, spoke. I was not afraid. The melon he had he held against my face. Smiled: creamfruit smell. That was the rule, said. In. Come. Red carpet spread. You will see who."

p4 "He was raving all night about a black panther"

Wednesday June 15

SD's hat in BM's trunk p17

p6 BM at the Ship (w/Haines? w/o SD) "That fellow I was with in the Ship last night" leaves w/florin (p15)

Seymour spooning with Lily on pier (p22)

p190 "I hear that an actress played Hamlet for the fourhundredandeighth time last night in Dublin."

SD eats w/BM? "Three times a day, after meals" (p19)

someone washes dishes

p12 "I told her to come after eight." also Haines? "That woman"

Tuesday June 14

p209 "— O, the night in the Camden hall when the daughters of Erin had to lift their skirts to step over you as you lay in your mulberrycoloured, multicoloured, multitudinous vomit!"

p206 "— I called upon the bard Kinch at his summer residence in upper Mecklenburgh street and found him deep in the study of the Summa contra Gentiles in the company of two gonorrheal ladies, Fresh Nelly and Rosalie, the coalquay whore."

p191 "— The tramper Synge is looking for you, he said, to murder you. He heard you pissed on his halldoor in Glasthule. He's out in pampooties to murder you.
— Me! Stephen exclaimed. That was your contribution to literature."

someone buys bread, eggs, bacon, honey, sugar

quart of milk "it's seven mornings a pint at twopence is seven twos is a shilling and twopence over and these three mornings a quart at fourpence is three quarts is a shilling. That's a shilling and one and two is two and two, sir." p15

Monday June 13

p48 "The virgin at Hodges Figgis' window on Monday"

quart of milk

Sunday June 12

drowning June 7 "It's nine days today." (p21)

seven days of pints of milk start June 6

Stephen teaches daily

someone rents tower "It is mine, I paid the rent." (p20)

p29 "As on the first day he bargained with me here... Three twelve... The same room and hour, the same wisdom: and I the same. Three times now." (June 16, June 9, June 2?)

p31 "Mrs McKernan, five weeks' board"

26 March theatre program

p208 "— Longworth is awfully sick, he said, after what you wrote about that old hake Gregory. O you inquisitional drunken jew jesuit! She gets you a job on the paper and then you go and slate her drivel to Jaysus."

p184 "Yogibogeybox in Dawson chambers. Isis Unveiled. Their Pali book we tried to pawn."

p8 "the first day I went to your house after my mother's death"

p648 Mrs Dedalus buried 26 June 1903

Paris adventure

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