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What others were doing that Bloomsday

84yo Florence Nightingale was blind and bedridden

76yo ibsen in oslo had been incapacitated by strokes since 1900
would die in 1906

75yo tolstoy had 8 grown children, unhappy marriage

68yo mark twain
touring as a popular speaker
after years of struggling financially
lost 58yo wife of 34 yrs on june 5 in florence

dante 64yo

64yo j d rockefeller had retired in 1897
to Westchester County, New York
married, four grown kids
muckraking expose in 1904 by Ida Tarbell

61yo Henry James in Sussex finishing "The Golden Bowl"
on 6 May described himself to brother William as "hopelessly celibate"

57yo edison in West Orange, NJ
6 kids by 2 wives
lost ac-current wars
scared off x-rays
making movies, telephones, telegraphs, lightbulbs

simon 54yo

Lovely morg
Feel very seedy
head so bad
Darling M & Lennie to dinner both look well
Opened old port wine 25yrs here …

Opened a Methodist Bazaar at Blackrock. Worthy folk. Horrid
rush to get away to London leaving the office for a week …

48yo freud held weekly meetings in his vienna apartment for physicians interested in his published ideas on dreams etc

Drove to Lakefield
Took cover off Houseboat
Saw Dunwoodie re levels below Mill
Water raised at No. 2 this week
Richard B. Rogers : Diary, 1904

Cool Cloudy Day
Went over to CMPalmers & got Load of Telephone Poles $9
unloaded at Chore time
Bert Tears did not go …
1904 Diary of Emerson Smith of Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
History for Tioga and Bradford Counties in PA and Chemung County in NY

may dedalus 45yo

45yo george bernard shaw was finishing John Bull's Other Island

43yo Knut Hamsun opposed british imperialism

43yo Tagore had founded an ashram in Santiniketan

41yo Gabriele D'Annunzio was carrying on simultaneous affairs with Duse and Luisa Casati

41yo Hauptmann was about to marry his babymama

41yo Maeterlinck summered in Normandy with an actress

40yo henry ford developing model t

bloom 38yo

38yo kipling at height of popularity
opposed irish autonomy

37yo maud gonne was in paris (?)
with her 9yo daughter iseult
and her newborn son

37yo scott joplin in st louis
famous but struggling
(score of 1st ragtime opera lost to bill collectors)
lost 2nd wife, wrote 'Bethena'

37yo h g wells in sandgate
married w/2 young sons
already very successful
published new story "The Country of the Blind"

36yo Marie Curie won the physics Nobel for radium

wright brothers (37 and 32)
enduring skepticism
gradually improving designs
doing lots of trials near dayton ohio

Hot breeze
Arose at 5am
E annoyed at my getting up so early
Milked, etc
Home 7
Supper 8
Mrs Fluss had measles
1904 Diary of Evelyn Cameron :: Evelyn Cameron Diaries

34yo Winsor McCay drawing Dream of the Rarebit Fiend.for NY Herald

34yo lenin in london had met 24yo trotsky
called his followers 'bolsheviks'
married, loved cats
hiking holiday in switzerland

34yo Mohandas Gandhi in South Africa evolving nonviolent protest strategies

Mary Haynie cm over &we played Flinch
Myn Burruss sent us sm fine cream&berries
Emma found 8-little-peeps at th'barn
… …
tHE 1904 Diary of Wilbert S. Myers, Miami, Saline, Missouri
The daily diary entries and photos of W. S. Myers, Miami, Saline County, MO,…

32yo Bertrand Russell was laying the groundwork for the Principia Mathematica with a n whitehead

30yo Robert Frost was farming in Derry, New Hampshire
2 daugters and 1 son

29yo churchill writing bio of father
elected MP, speaking tour
dramatic switch from conservative to liberal party

28yo jung in zurich, newly married, studying psychiatry

27yo harriet shaw weaver was a social worker and suffragette in Hampstead

27yo Mata Hari was a circus horse rider in Paris

26yo hermann hesse finished Peter Camenzind and got married

26yo carl sandburg had flunked out of west point

25yo Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (Joseph Stalin) joined bolsheviks

25yo einstein working in bern patent office
son born in may
playing violin
incubating 1905's 'annus mirabilis' papers

24yo wallace stevens in reading, pa
had graduated from law school and met future wife
wrote occasional poems

24yo Vachel Lindsay studies art at New York School of Art

23yo George Herriman drawing Major Ozone's Fresh Air Crusade for the NY World
married w/1yo daughter

stephen 22yo

22yo picasso in paris finds girlfriend
transitions from (depressed) blue to rose period

22yo FDR of Fairhaven, Massachusetts
secretly engaged to 19yo Eleanor
1903 Harvard grad, editor of Crimson
intending lawschool
golf, sailing

21yo John Maynard Keynes
received first class BA in mathematics from Cambridge

18yo ezra pound at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York
learning nine languages to become the world's greatest poetry expert

18yo will durant was studying for the priesthood with the jesuits
hadn't yet met 6yo ariel

fair&cool all day
School let out for summer
I am now a Senior in HS
I went up to hear exercises for graduating class …
Amos Claycomb’s June 1904 Diary
Wednesday, June 1, 1904 It has been a very nice day but it is clouding up…

teenaged marx brothers in nyc
hadn't launched musical careers

milly 15yo

15yo Hitler in Lambach, Austria
his father and brother had recently died
mother and one sibling still living
he dropped out to be an artist

15yo t s eliot in st louis
studying latin greek french german
had begun writing poems

15yo chaplin in london
getting rave reviews as a page in sherlock holmes
father dead, mother suffering gpi

14yo Jawaharlal Nehru joins theosophists via family friend Annie Besant

12yo J.R.R. Tolkien was orphaned in Birmingham

rudy 10yo

10yo Mao in rural Hunan loved novels
would soon lose his buddhist faith
and reject an arranged marriage

9yo e e cummings
summering in Madison, New Hampshire
had begun writing poems every day

9yo George Herman 'Babe' Ruth in Baltimore
at St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys
where he was judged incorrigible
nicknamed 'Niggerlips'

7yo f scott fitzgerald in west virginia
going to catholic school
father working for procter and gamble

6yo William Faulkner had moved to oxford mississippi with his 2 younger brothers

6yo Amelia Earhart in Kansas built her own roller coaster

5yo Nabokov in St Petersburg
already speaking 3 languages
father a liberal lawyer
2 younger siblings
drifting away from orthodox church

4yo Alfred Hitchcock in Essex

2yo Walt Disney in Chicago

Eric Arthur Blair was approaching his 1st birthday in Inda

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