Wednesday, June 4, 2014

[Localise your Bloomsday map]

[9 Jun 2014: experimenting with streamlining Boston College map data; probably making a spreadsheet too]

I'm hoping local Bloomsday celebrations can use the map below to pick local landmarks approximately to scale. If you place this image (unzoomed!) side-by-side with Google Maps for your city, and zoom Google Maps so the scale matches the one-mile line in the lower left below, I think that will give you approximate startingpoints.

Black lines = Bloom; Red line = Dignam's funeral procession; White lines = Wandering Rocks; White numbers = Wandering Rocks subsections
B&W dot: O'Connell Circle at Glasnevin (Hades)
Orange dot: 7 Eccles (Calypso, Ithaca, Penelope)
Green dot: Barney Kiernan's (Cyclops)
Coral dot: Ormond Hotel (Sirens)
Red dot: Freeman's Journal (Eolus)
Black dot: Cabman's shelter (Eumeus)
Violet dot: Bella Cohen's (Circe)
Blood dot: Davy Byrne's (Lestrygonians)
B&W dot: National Library (Scylla & Carybdis)
Brown dot: Sweny's (Lotus Eaters)
White dot: Holles Street Maternity Hospital (Oxen of the Sun)
Bluegreen dot: Sandymount Strand (Proteus)
Bluegrey dot: Sandymount Strand (Nausikaa)
White & gold dot: Martello Tower (Telemachus)
Brown dot: Deasy's school (Nestor)

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