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Page 89 (6.177-215) "so that... yourself?"

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so that the wheel itself much handier? Well but that fellow would lose his job then? Well but then another fellow would get a job making the new invention?

Antient concert rooms. Nothing on there. A man in a buff suit with a crape armlet. Not much grief there. Quarter mourning. People in law perhaps.

Nothing on there

StreetView now [info]
1909 map

the concert rooms and St Mark's are on the right, Queen's on the left??

fd: [246]
They went past the bleak pulpit of Saint Mark's, under the railway bridge, past the Queen's theatre: in silence. Hoardings: Eugene Stratton, Mrs Bandmann Palmer. Could I go to see Leah tonight, I wonder. I said I. Or The Lily of Killarney? Elster Grimes Opera Company. Big powerful change. Wet bright bills for next week. Fun on the Bristol. Martin Cunningham could work a pass for the Gaiety. Have to stand a drink or two. As broad as it's long.

StreetView now
bleak pulpit
Queens poster
equivalent Evening Telegraph ads
Elster Grime

big powerful change

Gaiety poster
Gaiety Theatre

"As broad as it's long" = buying drinks or paying admission, same amount of effort

He's coming in the afternoon. Her songs.

Plasto's. Sir Philip Crampton's memorial fountain bust. Who was he?

Plasto's is on their left (?) but the pineapple sculpture is in the center of the street, to their right (?)
who he was
StreetView now, much changed
1909 map

— How do you do? Martin Cunningham said, raising his palm to his brow in salute.

— He doesn't see us, Mr Power said. Yes, he does. How do you do?

this seems to require that MC and JP are on the Red Bank side (right) but the pointsman above contradicts this

— Who? Mr Dedalus asked.

— Blazes Boylan, Mr Power said. There he is airing his quiff.

Just that moment I was thinking.

coincidence/telepathy motif

Mr Dedalus bent across to salute. From the door of the Red Bank the white disc of a straw hat flashed reply: passed.

Red Bank Restaurant
The Red Bank (aka Burton Bindon's) was a classy joint that specialised in oysters [pdf], so Boylan is presumably recharging his sexual potency.

fd: [247]
Mr Bloom reviewed the nails of his left hand, then those of his right hand. The nails, yes. Is there anything more in him that they she sees? Fascination. Worst man in Dublin. That keeps him alive. They sometimes feel what a person is. Instinct. But a type like that. My nails. I am just looking at them: well pared. And after: thinking alone. Body getting a bit softy. I would notice that: from remembering. What causes that? I suppose the skin can't contract quickly enough when the flesh falls off. But the shape is there. The shape is there still. Shoulders. Hips. Plump. Night of the dance dressing. Shift stuck between the cheeks behind.

"And after: thinking alone." very ambiguous: picturing Molly after fucking BB?

He clasped his hands between his knees and, satisfied, sent his vacant glance over their faces.

"satisfied" he's concealed his distress

fd: [248]
Mr Power asked:

— How is the concert tour getting on, Bloom?

— O, very well, Mr Bloom said. I hear great accounts of it. It's a good idea, you see...

— Are you going yourself?



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