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Page 101 (6.632-669) "Kelleher opened... solemnity:"

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Kelleher opened the sidedoors and the gravediggers came in, hoisted the coffin again, carried it out and shoved it on their cart. Corny Kelleher gave one wreath to the boy and the other to the brother-in-law. All followed them out of the sidedoors into the mild grey air. Mr Bloom came last, folding his paper again into his pocket. He gazed gravely at the ground till the coffincart wheeled off to the left. The metal wheels ground the gravel with a sharp grating cry and the pack of blunt boots followed the trundled barrow along a lane of sepulchres.

"left" seems to imply they came out the SE side, and turn NE first
"gravely... gravel"?
"sharp... cry... pack of blunt boots" (hunting imagery?)

The ree the ra the ree the ra the roo. Lord, I mustn't lilt here.

cf p31-32 "Lal the ral the ra The rocky road to Dublin... Lal the ral the ra, lal the ral the raddy." ("gravel" = rocky road)

— The O'Connell circle, Mr Dedalus said about him.

if they're coming out the SE side, this comment is pretty redundant (expository license?). on the NW side, though, the monument is less obvious, and they're closer to the St Patrick section of the cemetery (also NW) where Kane was buried, and likely Dignam as well (but they'd have to turn right first, then left)

(any path to the St Patrick section would require left-right zigzagging)

Mr Power's soft eyes went up to the apex of the lofty cone.

from NW
from SE

— He's at rest, he said, in the middle of his people, old Dan O'. But his heart is buried in Rome. How many broken hearts are buried here, Simon!

the heart story is true, weirdly enough (lost now?)

— Her grave is over there, Jack, Mr Dedalus said. I'll soon be stretched beside her. Let Him take me whenever He likes.

Glasnevin's own unbookmarkable StreetView map puts the Joyces here beside the path, in the Dublin Section (West)... so the Dignam party can't be going down that path ("over there" sounds too distant) (JSJ was indeed buried there too, but not till 1932) (Parnell's grave is just across the path, too, in the South Section (West), unmentioned until later)

they may be at the point where they'd have to turn left, but instead they go straight, and turn later? (it would be a much vaguer gesture from farther away)

Breaking down, he began to weep to himself quietly, stumbling a little in his walk. Mr Power took his arm.

— She's better where she is, he said kindly.

— I suppose so, Mr Dedalus said with a weak gasp. I suppose she is in heaven if there is a heaven.

fd: [267]
Corny Kelleher stepped aside from his rank and allowed the mourners to plod by.

— Sad occasions, Mr Kernan began politely.

Mr Bloom closed his eyes and sadly twice bowed his head.

— The others are putting on their hats, Mr Kernan said. I suppose we can do so too. We are the last. This cemetery is a treacherous place.

They covered their heads.

— The reverend gentleman read the service too quickly, don't you think? Mr Kernan said with reproof.

Mr Bloom nodded gravely, looking in the quick bloodshot eyes. Secret eyes, secret searching. Mason, I think: not sure. Beside him again. We are the last. In the same boat. Hope he'll say something else.

Mr Kernan added:

— The service of the Irish church, used in Mount Jerome, is simpler, more impressive, I must say.

(he speaks with many commas!)

Mr Bloom gave prudent assent. The language of course was another thing.

(is he rehearsing saying that out loud, and deciding not to?)

Mr Kernan said with solemnity:


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