Monday, July 21, 2014

[Ulysses on the Deep Web]

'Deep Web' is a melodramatic name for sites that aren't indexed by Google.  I'll use it more generally here to mean sites that deserve special attention when searching for Ulysses-related resources, especially images.

The Hathi Trust beats the pants off GoogleBooks or for breadth and usability.

The National Library has over 1000 historic pix on Flickr (searchable via a popup menu)

A Twitter account called PhotosOfDublin has posted 1000s of pix in the last year

Barger's "Internet Ulysses" (apparently once termed "a watershed in Web culture" by the Irish Times) is at (not searchable, I don't think)

Scarily detailed Irish census info for 1901 and 1911 is a little tricky to search (advanced search options include religion, and street)

v1     A-Androp
v2     Andros-Austria
v3     AustriaL-Bise
v4     Bish-Calg
v5     Calh-Chatela
v6     Chatele-Constantine
v7     ConstantineP-Demid
v8     Demij-Edward
v9     Edwarde-EvangelicalA
v10     EvangelicalC-Francis
v11     Francisc-Gib
v12     Gic-Harmoni
v13     Harmony-Hur
v14     Hus-Itali
v15     Italy-Ky
v16     L-LordA
v17     LordC-Mec
v18     Med-Mum
v19     Mun-Odd
v20     Ode-Paym
v21     Payn-Polk
v22     Poll-Ree
v23     Ref-SainteB
v24     SainteC-Shut
v25     Shuv-Subl
v26     Subm-Tom
v27     Ton-Ves
v28     Vet-Z
v29     Index

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