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[#7 Eccles in Ulysses]

Most details about the Blooms' house aren't given till the next-to-last episode, when he returns home (with Stephen) in the middle of the night.

House numbers on Eccles street probably ran from #1 on the northeast corner of Dorset, monotonically up the north side of the street (1234567...) and then around and down the south side to #82 or so.

The continuous rows of houses were paired off, but #1 seems to have been unpaired, so the pairs went: 1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9...

So Bloom's #7 should have been paired with #6 on the right.

At 17.71, Joyce calls #7 "the 4th of the equidifferent uneven numbers" so Bloom must be mentally counting the pairs: 1... 3&2... 5&4... 7&6.

These pairs of doors share one stoop each, and beside the stoop each has a fenced-in 'area', a sort of small, below-street-level patio accessible only from inside, with two windows and a door from the below-street-level kitchen.

The inside dimensions of the house are smaller than an average doublewide trailer, something like 20ft by 40ft, with the hallway stealing another 5ft of width.

Episode 4 opens with Bloom preparing Molly's breakfast-in-bed while she sleeps on the ground floor, above. (Two more barely mentioned upper floors include some empty rooms that they're trying to rent, and presumably Milly's bedroom and maybe also Bloom's study.)

In the basement, the kitchen is towards the front, with a 'scullery' where a crudely latched door provides access to the area. (Was the sink in the scullery? What else was the area used for?)

two windows onto 'area'

To the rear of the kitchen there was an unmentioned dining area with a window, and stairs blocked off by a normally-closed door.

The kitchen had a now-unfamiliar design of oven (range?) with two hobs over(?) a hearthstone, where Bloom twice builds coal fires. (Pic?????) Logically it must share a chimney with the 'ingleside' in the livingroom above, so it's probably at the south end of the west wall.

The layout of the kitchen is otherwise unhinted. There's a sink somewhere with a faucet for running water, a table with at least one drawer, two chairs, and a 'dresser' with a door and three shelves for dishes and food.

At the back of the basement there's the stairs up, with a backdoor halfway up to the main floor. The backyard is big enough for a garden and/or a summerhouse, plus the outhouse. (There's another bathroom on a higher floor.)

inventories: kitchen, garden, hall&passage, bedroom, front room, upstairs; all by sequential page-references


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