Friday, May 30, 2014

[Martin Harvey vs Leopold Bloom]

"His eyes burned into her as though they would search her through and through, read her very soul. Wonderful eyes they were, superbly expressive, but could you trust them? People were so queer. She could see at once by his dark eyes and his pale intellectual face that he was a foreigner, the image of the photo she had of Martin Harvey, the matinée idol, only for the moustache which she preferred... but she could not see whether he had an aquiline nose or a slightly retroussé from where he was sitting. He was in deep mourning, she could see that, and the story of a haunting sorrow was written on his face." U-Nausikaa

Leopold Paula Bloom (1866-eternity)
John Martin Harvey (22 June 1863 – 14 May 1944) [wiki]

age 68


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