Friday, May 30, 2014

[Bloom's appearance]

U622: "eleven stone and four pounds" = 158 lbs

U621: "five feet nine inches and a half"

U55: "Plasto's high grade ha[t]... leather headband... black clothes"

U65: "undoing the waistband of his trousers... braces... black trousers"

U68: "he took off his hat quietly inhaling his hairoil and sent his right hand with slow grace over his brow and hair"

U70: "black tie and clothes"

U80: "two buttons of my waistcoat open"

U97: "unbuttoned his hip pocket swiftly and transferred the paperstuck soap to his inner handkerchief pocket"

U98: "the boots he had blacked and polished"

U125: "Look at the young guttersnipe behind him hue and cry, Lenehan said, and you'll kick. O, my rib risible! Taking off his flat spaugs and the walk. Small nines. Steal upon larks.
He began to mazurka in swift caricature across the floor on sliding feet"

U209: "Step of a pard"

U321: "sloppy eyes"

U340: "the gentleman in black who was sitting there by himself "

U342: "Wonderful eyes they were, superbly expressive... his dark eyes and his pale intellectual face... a foreigner the image of the photo she had of Martin Harvey, the matinée idol, only for the moustache... the story of a haunting sorrow was written on his face"

U345: "quiet gravefaced gentleman, selfcontrol expressed in every line of his distinguishedlooking figure"

U354: "wet shirt"

U493: "ZOE (Sniffs his hair briskly.)"

U663: " collar (size 17) and waistcoat (5 buttons)... his collar, with contained black necktie and collapsible stud... waistcoat, trousers, shirt and vest... six minus one braced trouser buttons, arranged in pairs"

U695: "his sly eye... he was very handsome at that time trying to look like lord Byron I said I liked though he was too beautiful for a man and he was a little before we got engaged"

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