Sunday, August 17, 2014

[Music: Little Harry Hughes]

Ulysses-Ithaca (episode 17) includes 'sheetmusic' for a song I can't find anywhere, so I'm going to try wrangling an mp3 out of it and cleaning up the transcript-images... (try reloading the page if it balks)


The original transcription was made in 1921 with the help of 20yo Jacques Benoist-Mechin [wiki], but the handwriting is Joyce's, I think.  It perversely uses the bass clef (isn't Stephen a tenor?!?) with two sharps (D major) on C and F, and sounds so weird I'm sure someone's got it wrong.

The app I'm relying on, ABC Navigator, doesn't support the bass clef so I'm trying to transpose it.

Why does "out for to play" get seven syllables (same as "drove it o'er the jew's garden")? ou-out fo-or to pla-ay?


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