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Page 128 (7.534-566) "disease and... of the empire"

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disease and no mistake! The night she threw the soup in the waiter's face in the Star and Garter. Oho!

UK incarnation

A woman brought sin into the world. For Helen, the runaway wife of Menelaus, ten years the Greeks. O'Rourke, prince of Breffni.

p34 "A woman brought sin into the world. For a woman who was no better than she should be, Helen, the runaway wife of Menelaus, ten years the Greeks made war on Troy. A faithless wife first brought the strangers to our shore here, MacMurrough's wife and her leman, O'Rourke, prince of Breffni."

— Is he a widower? Stephen asked.

SD didn't know

— Ay, a grass one, Myles Crawford said, his eye running down the typescript. Emperor's horses. Habsburg. An Irishman saved his life on the ramparts of Vienna. Don't you forget! Maximilian Karl O'Donnell, graf von Tirconnell in Ireland. Sent his heir over to make the king an Austrian fieldmarshal now. Going to be trouble there one day. Wild geese. O yes, every time. Don't you forget that!

grass widow = abandoned/dishonored (origin unknown)

— The moot point is did he forget it, J.J. O'Molloy said quietly, turning a horseshoe paperweight. Saving princes is a thankyou job.

"horseshoe" echoes p83 (the horse motif needs cataloging)

Professor MacHugh turned on him.

— And if not? he said.

— I'll tell you how it was, Myles Crawford began. A Hungarian it was one day...


(missing punctuation?!)

— We were always loyal to lost causes, the professor said. Success for us is the death of the intellect and of the imagination. We were never loyal to the successful. We serve them. I teach the blatant Latin language. I speak the tongue of a race the acme of whose mentality is the maxim: time is money. Material domination. Domine! Lord! Where is the spirituality? Lord Jesus? Lord Salisbury? A sofa in a westend club. But the Greek!

"We" = the Irish, presumably
"time is money" 1719 (Whigs, via Ben Franklin)

anti-Irish Prime Minister/ Marquess Salisbury (former journalist) had died in August 1903
archconservative Carlton Club
current drawing room


A smile of light brightened his darkrimmed eyes, lengthened his long lips.

— The Greek! he said again. Kyrios! Shining word! The vowels the Semite and the Saxon know not. Kyrie! The radiance of the intellect. I ought to profess Greek, the language of the mind. Kyrie eleison! The closetmaker and the cloacamaker will never be lords of our spirit. We are liege subjects of the catholic chivalry of Europe that foundered at Trafalgar and of the empire

the Greek vowel upsilon \,\Upsilonυ has no equivalent in English or Hebrew (it does in French and German)



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