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Page 127 (7.502-533) "Do you know... had the foot and mouth"

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— Do you know that story about chief baron Palles? J.J. O'Molloy asked. It was at the royal university dinner. Everything was going swimmingly...

69yo in 1901

— First my riddle, Lenehan said. Are you ready?

Mr O'Madden Burke, tall in copious grey of Donegal tweed, came in from the hallway. Stephen Dedalus, behind him, uncovered as he entered.

"a suave elderly man who balanced his imposing body, when at rest, upon a large silk umbrella. His magniloquent western name was the moral umbrella upon which he balanced the fine problem of his finances. He was widely respected." OMB in A Mother

grey Donegal tweed

Entrez, mes enfants! Lenehan cried.

— I escort a suppliant, Mr O'Madden Burke said melodiously. Youth led by Experience visits Notoriety.

— How do you do? the editor said, holding out a hand. Come in. Your governor is just gone.

? ? ?

Lenehan said to all:

— Silence! What opera resembles a railway line? Reflect, ponder, excogitate, reply.

Stephen handed over the typed sheets, pointing to the title and signature.

— Who? the editor asked.

Bit torn off.

— Mr Garrett Deasy, Stephen said.

— That old pelters, the editor said. Who tore it? Was he short taken?

On swift sail flaming
From storm and south
He comes, pale vampire,
Mouth to my mouth.

from p47 "He comes, pale vampire, through storm his eyes, his bat sails bloodying the sea, mouth to her mouth's kiss... Mouth to her kiss. No... Mouth to her mouth's kiss."

— Good day, Stephen, the professor said, coming to peer over their shoulders. Foot and mouth? Are you turned...?

Bullockbefriending bard.

fd: [289]


"SHINDY" here, a fracas, but sometimes just a party

— Good day, sir, Stephen answered, blushing. The letter is not mine. Mr Garrett Deasy asked me to...

— O, I know him, Myles Crawford said, and I knew his wife too. The bloodiest old tartar God ever made. By Jesus, she had the foot and mouth



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  1. At the midpoint we switch from Bloom to Stephen