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Page 124 (7.403-432) "Waiting for... editor who,"

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— Waiting for the racing special, sir, the newsboy said. It was Pat Farrell shoved me, sir.

the Gold Cup was scheduled for 3pm
lots and lots of Pat Farrells

He pointed to two faces peering in round the doorframe.

— Him, sir.

(one boy with two faces??)

— Out of this with you, professor MacHugh said gruffly.

He hustled the boy out and banged the door to.

J.J. O'Molloy turned the files crackingly over, murmuring, seeking:

'cracking' not 'crackLing'

— Continued on page six, column four.

— Yes... Evening Telegraph here, Mr Bloom phoned from the inner office. Is the boss...? Yes, Telegraph... To where...? Aha! Which auction rooms...? Aha! I see... Right. I'll catch him.

fd: [287]


The bell whirred again as he rang off. He came in quickly and bumped against Lenehan who was struggling up with the second tissue.

Pardon, monsieur, Lenehan said, clutching him for an instant and making a grimace.

griMACE is slightly preferred to GRIMMus

— My fault, Mr Bloom said, suffering his grip. Are you hurt? I'm in a hurry.

"suffering" LB looks down on Lenehan

— Knee, Lenehan said.

He made a comic face and whined, rubbing his knee:

— The accumulation of the anno Domini.

(Wiktionary has a flamewar about this capitalisation)

— Sorry, Mr Bloom said.

He went to the door and, holding it ajar, paused. J.J. O'Molloy slapped the heavy pages over. The noise of two shrill voices, a mouthorgan, echoed in the bare hallway from the newsboys squatted on the doorsteps:

"heavy pages" vs tissues?
"mouthorgan" can mean harmonica or Jew's harp (cf Eolian harp)

We are the boys of Wexford
    Who fought with heart and hand.


— I'm just running round to Bachelor's walk, Mr Bloom said, about this ad of Keyes's. Want to fix it up. They tell me he's round there in Dillon's.

Bloom repeatedly thinks "Keyes's" so he probably gives it two syllables
just two short blocks away

He looked indecisively for a moment at their faces. The editor who,



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