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Page 130 (7.604-634) "We were only... to the files."

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— We were only thinking about it, Stephen said.

betraying his artist's imagination?
cf timid newsboy p123 "It wasn't me, sir. It was the big fellow shoved me, sir."


bog latin dating back to 1530? [1650]

— All the talents, Myles Crawford said. Law, the classics...

— The turf, Lenehan put in.

— Literature, the press.

— If Bloom were here, the professor said. The gentle art of advertisement.

(why "gentle"?)

— And Madam Bloom, Mr O'Madden Burke added. The vocal muse. Dublin's prime favourite.

Lenehan gave a loud cough.

— Ahem! he said very softly. O, for a fresh of breath air! I caught a cold in the park. The gate was open.

fresh of breath air

(is there more here than Lenehan's belief that Molly is promiscuous? in FW, we'd see HCE exposing himself in the Park)

fd: [291]


The editor laid a nervous hand on Stephen's shoulder.

— I want you to write something for me, he said. Something with a bite in it. You can do it. I see it in your face. In the lexicon of youth...

See it in your face. See it in your eye. Lazy idle little schemer.

"I can see it in your eye... Out here, Dedalus. Lazy little schemer. I see schemer in your face. Where did you break your glasses? ...Lazy idle little loafer! ...Broke my glasses! An old schoolboy trick! Out with your hand this moment!" PoA1

— Foot and mouth disease! the editor cried in scornful invective. Great nationalist meeting in Borris-in-Ossory. All balls! Bulldosing the public! Give them something with a bite in it. Put us all into it, damn its soul. Father, Son and Holy Ghost and Jakes M'Carthy.

Borris-in-Ossory, pop. 500
"Put us all into it" = go write Dubliners, Portrait, and Ulysses (so how did this promising community fail him?)

— We can all supply mental pabulum, Mr O'Madden Burke said.

Stephen raised his eyes to the bold unheeding stare.

— He wants you for the pressgang, J.J. O'Molloy said.


— You can do it, Myles Crawford repeated, clenching his hand in emphasis. Wait a minute. We'll paralyse Europe as Ignatius Gallaher used to say when he was on the shaughraun, doing billiardmarking in the Clarence. Gallaher, that was a pressman for you. That was a pen. You know how he made his mark? I'll tell you. That was the smartest piece of journalism ever known. That was in eightyone, sixth of May, time of the invincibles, murder in the Phoenix park, before you were born, I suppose. I'll show you.


SHOGrun? [eg] unemployed/homeless

1882, really, when JAJ was 3mos old

He pushed past them to the files.



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