Friday, November 14, 2014

[Cyclops emoji-index]

the goal here is to associate a single emoji with each page of the chapter, so one can quickly and intuitively find a page without page or line numbers, or text search.

the episode is an especially difficult test-case because there's so little obvious structure-- events and parodies could presumably be arranged in any order.

(right-to-left is because the 'walking' emoji is facing that way, so it's the default walkthru path direction)

near collision of broom and eye

Herzog's tea

Ireland's fish

Ireland's livestock

the Citizen

the Citizen's belt of heroes

marriages in the paper

Terry's crystal cup

hangman's letters

the seance

the blackguard Doran

illiterate writing


Molly's arse

the public execution


Rumbold's knife

shamrock ring

temperance beverages (literally 'no potable water')

Garryowen's rann

Bloom's babbling

Doran's 'chivalry'

soft hand under Black Liz

parliament on Irish games

A nation once again

Myler-Percy fight

Boylan (hat and moustache)

Breen's postcard

legal opinions

compassionate judge

Bloom's suspicious dealings

Irish language (any translation?)

Gold Cup winner

Ireland's trees

Irish navy

corporal punishment

force against force

Edward the peacemaker

embroidered facecloth

love loves


Bloom's imagined winnings

medieval castle

I'm the alligator

brief libations

parade of saints


Bloom's exit




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