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Page 285 (12.184-224) "the Last of the... reading them out:"

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the Last of the Mohicans, the Rose of Castile, the Man for Galway, The Man that Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, The Man in the Gap, The Woman Who Didn't, Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Bonaparte, John L. Sullivan, Cleopatra, Savourneen Deelish, Julius Caesar, Paracelsus, sir Thomas Lipton, William Tell, Michelangelo Hayes, Muhammad, the Bride of Lammermoor, Peter the Hermit, Peter the Packer, Dark Rosaleen, Patrick W. Shakespeare, Brian Confucius, Murtagh Gutenberg, Patricio Velasquez, Captain Nemo, Tristan and Isolde, the first Prince of Wales, Thomas Cook and Son, the Bold Soldier Boy, Arrah na Pogue, Dick Turpin, Ludwig Beethoven, the Colleen Bawn, Waddler Healy, Angus the Culdee, Dolly Mount, Sidney Parade, Ben Howth, Valentine Greatrakes, Adam and Eve, Arthur Wellesley, Boss Croker, Herodotus, Jack the Giantkiller, Gautama Buddha, Lady Godiva, The Lily of Killarney, Balor of the Evil Eye, the Queen of Sheba, Acky Nagle, Joe Nagle, Alessandro Volta, Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, Don Philip O'Sullivan Beare. A couched spear of acuminated granite rested by him while at his feet reposed a savage animal of the canine tribe whose stertorous gasps announced that he was sunk in uneasy slumber, a supposition confirmed by hoarse growls and spasmodic movements which his master repressed from time to time by tranquillising blows of a mighty cudgel rudely fashioned out of paleolithic stone.

the Last of the Mohicans, 1826 [wiki]
the Rose of Castile, 1857 [wiki]
the Man for Galway, 1841? [lyrics]
The Man that Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, 1892 [wiki]
The Man in the Gap, [cf Pat o' the Gap?]
The Woman Who Didn't, 1895 [wiki]
Benjamin Franklin, d1790 [wiki]
Napoleon Bonaparte, d1821 [wiki]
John L. Sullivan, d1918 [wiki]
Cleopatra, d30BC [wiki]
Savourneen Deelish, 1865 
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Paracelsus, d1541 [wiki]
sir Thomas Lipton, d1931 [wiki]
William Tell, c1307 [wiki]
Michelangelo Hayes, illustrated 'Savourneen Deelish', d1877 [bio]
Muhammad, d632 [wiki]
the Bride of Lammermoor, 1819 [wiki]
Peter the Hermit, d1115 [wiki]
Peter the Packer, d1914 [wiki]

58yo in 1901

Dark Rosaleen, c1600
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(Murtagh) Gutenberg, (d1468) [wiki]

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Ludwig [van] Beethoven, d1827 [wiki]

the Colleen Bawn, 1860 [wiki] cylinder
Waddler Healy, d1918 [wiki]

59yo in 1901

Angus the Culdee, d820 [wiki]
Dolly Mount [wiki]
Sidney Parade [wiki]
Ben Howth [wiki]
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33yo in 1901

Joe Nagle, d1930? [wiki]

39yo in 1901

Alessandro Volta, d1827 [wiki]

Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, d1915 [wiki]
Don Philip O'Sullivan Beare, d1660 [wiki]

So anyhow Terry brought the three pints Joe was standing and begob the sight nearly left my eyes when I saw him land out a quid. O, as true as I'm telling you. A goodlooking sovereign.

— And there's more where that came from, says he.

— Were you robbing the poorbox, Joe? says I.

— Sweat of my brow, says Joe. 'Twas the prudent member gave me the wheeze.

fellow Mason

this misleadingly seems to echo the rumor that Bloom had Throwaway, but in fact refers (oddly) to Bloom's telling Hynes "If you want to draw the cashier is just going to lunch"

— I saw him before I met you, says I, sloping around by Pill lane and Greek street with his cod's eye counting up all the guts of the fish.

Pill lane had been renamed Chancery street
1909 map

Bloom was planning to "Dodge round by Greek street" to mail money to Martha

Who comes through Michan's land, bedight in sable armour? O'Bloom, the son of Rory: it is he. Impervious to fear is Rory's son: he of the prudent soul.

fdv: "O'Bloom went by through Inn's quay ward, the parish of saint Michan. It is O'Bloom, the son of Rudolph, the son of Leopold Peter, son of Peter Rudolph, he of the intrepid heart, impervious to all fear, a noble hero, eastward towards Pill Lane, among the squatted fishgills, and by the gutboards where lay heaps of red and purple fishguts. He went by the city market, O'Bloom of the intrepid heart. Gurnard and plaice those are. Speckled backs. One after another hook in their gills. Can't be hunger drives them. Probably curiosity. Curiosity killed the fish."

— For the old woman of Prince's street, says the citizen, the subsidised organ. The pledgebound party on the floor of the house. And look at this blasted rag, says he. Look at this, says he. The Irish Independent, if you please, founded by Parnell to be the workingman's friend. Listen to the births and deaths in the Irish all for Ireland Independent and I'll thank you and the marriages.

And he starts reading them out:




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