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Page 330 (12.1894-1918) "M.P., J.P., M.B., a shovel."

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M.P., J.P., M.B., D.S.O., S.O.D., M.F.H., M.R.I.A., B.L., Mus. Doc., P.L.G., F.T.C.D., F.R.U.I., F.R.C.P.I. and F.R.C.S.I.

You never saw the like of it in all your born puff. Gob, if he got that lottery ticket on the side of his poll he'd remember the gold cup, he would so, but begob the citizen would have been lagged for assault and battery and Joe for aiding and abetting. The jarvey saved his life by furious driving as sure as God made Moses. What? O, Jesus, he did. And he let a volley of oaths after him.


fdv: "Tare an ouns it was the grandest sight you ever seen in all your born puff. Bloom up on the bloody car, trying to blather out of him and the mudlarks yelling like old boots and the bloody tin bursting open and the horse galloping like mad man, and the sparks flying out of his hoofs. God, if he got that tin on the head he would have been carted off to Jervis Street and, by God, Cusack would have pulled for assault and battery. The jarvey saved his life as sure as God made little apples. What? O, he did, faith. Where is he? says he. Did I kill him or what? Terry and little Alf Bergan took him by the arm to bring him back but he kept shouting to the bloody dog, after him, Garryowen. After him, boy. And the last we saw was the car turn the corner and the bloody dog after it for all he was worth."

— Did I kill him, says he, or what?

And he shouting to the bloody dog:

— After him, Garry! After him, boy!

And the last we saw was the bloody car rounding the corner and old sheepface on it gesticulating and the bloody mongrel after it with his lugs back for all he was bloody well worth to tear him limb from limb. Hundred to five! Jesus, he took the value of it out of him, I promise you.

When, lo, there came about them all a great brightness and they beheld the chariot wherein He stood ascend to heaven. And they beheld Him in the chariot, clothed upon in the glory of the brightness, having raiment as of the sun, fair as the moon and terrible that for awe they durst not look upon Him. And there came a voice out of heaven, calling: Elijah! Elijah! And he answered with a main cry: Abba! Adonai! And they beheld Him even Him, ben Bloom Elijah, amid clouds of angels ascend to the glory of the brightness at an angle of fortyfive degrees over Donohoe's in Little Green Street like a shot off a shovel.

fdv: "When, lo, there came about them all a great brightness and they beheld a golden chariot which held Him ascend to heaven. And they beheld Him therein, clothed upon in the Glory of the Brightness, with Raiment as of the Sun, fair as the Moon and terrible that they durst not look upon him. And there came a Voice out of Heaven, saying, Elijah! Elijah ben Reuben! And He answered, Abba. And they beheld Him in His Glory ascend to Heaven in the direction of a beeline over Hogan's in Little Green Street."




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