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Page 284 (12.146-183) "Ditto MacAnaspey... of the Maccabees"

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— Ditto MacAnaspey, says I.

MacAnaspie (Dublin surname) [more]

— Three pints, Terry, says Joe. And how's the old heart, citizen? says he.

— Never better, a chara, says he. What Garry? Are we going to win? Eh?

And with that he took the bloody old towser by the scruff of the neck and, by Jesus, he near throttled him.

The figure seated on a large boulder at the foot of a round tower was that of a broadshouldered deepchested stronglimbed frankeyed redhaired freelyfreckled shaggybearded widemouthed largenosed longheaded deepvoiced barekneed brawnyhanded hairylegged ruddyfaced sinewyarmed hero. From shoulder to shoulder he measured several ells and his rocklike mountainous knees were covered, as was likewise the rest of his body wherever visible, with a strong growth of tawny prickly hair in hue and toughness similar to the mountain gorse (Ulex Europeus). The widewinged nostrils, from which bristles of the same tawny hue projected, were of such capaciousness that within their cavernous obscurity the fieldlark might easily have lodged her nest. The eyes in which a tear and a smile strove ever for the mastery were of the dimensions of a goodsized cauliflower. A powerful current of warm breath issued at regular intervals from the profound cavity of his mouth while in rhythmic resonance the loud strong hale reverberations of his formidable heart thundered rumblingly causing the ground, the summit of the lofty tower and the still loftier walls of the cave to vibrate and tremble.

ell = cubit = 18"
several ells = 4.5 ft

lark's nest
"a tear and a smile"

He wore a long unsleeved garment of recently flayed oxhide reaching to the knees in a loose kilt and this was bound about his middle by a girdle of plaited straw and rushes. Beneath this he wore trews of deerskin, roughly stitched with gut. His nether extremities were encased in high Balbriggan buskins dyed in lichen purple, the feet being shod with brogues of salted cowhide laced with the windpipe of the same beast. From his girdle hung a row of seastones which jangled at every movement of his portentous frame and on these were graven with rude yet striking art the tribal images of many Irish heroes and heroines of antiquity,

lichen purple dye

engraved seastone

a row of 86 stones (1 every 2 inches if his waist is 15ft around-- 3 ells times pi):

the following list has 86 increasingly diverse items, one seastone each. almost all have dedicated wikipedia articles, but would be hard to capture in a graven tribal image:

Cuchulin, Conn of hundred battles, Niall of nine hostages, Brian of Kincora, the Ardri Malachi, Art MacMurragh, Shane O'Neill, Father John Murphy, Owen Roe, Patrick Sarsfield, Red Hugh O'Donnell, Red Jim MacDermott, Soggarth Eoghan O'Growney, Michael Dwyer, Francy Higgins, Henry Joy M'Cracken, Goliath, Horace Wheatley, Thomas Conneff, Peg Woffington, the Village Blacksmith, Captain Moonlight, Captain Boycott, Dante Alighieri, Christopher Columbus, S. Fursa, S. Brendan, Marshal MacMahon, Charlemagne, Theobald Wolfe Tone, the Mother of the Maccabees,

  1. Cuchulin, d100 [wiki]
  2. Conn of hundred battles, d157 [wiki]
  3. Niall of nine hostages, d405 [wiki]
  4. Brian of Kincora, [wiki]
  5. the Ardri Malachi, d1022 [wiki]
  6. Art MacMurragh, d1416 [wiki]
  7. Shane O'Neill, d1567 [wiki]
  8. Father John Murphy, d1798 [wiki]
  9. Owen Roe, d1649 [wiki]
  10. Patrick Sarsfield, d1693 [wiki]
  11. Red Hugh O'Donnell, d1602 [wiki]
  12. Red Jim MacDermott, Fenian spy c1883 [ebook]
  13. Soggarth Eoghan O'Growney, d1899 [wiki]
  14. Michael Dwyer, d1825 [wiki]
  15. Francy Higgins, d1802 [bio]
  16. Henry Joy M'Cracken, d1798 [wiki]
  17. Goliath, d1063BC [wiki]
  18. Horace Wheatley, b1854?
  19. Thomas Conneff, d1912 [wiki] more
  20. Peg Woffington, d1760 [wiki]
  21. the Village Blacksmith, 1840 [wiki]
  22. Captain Moonlight,  [wiki]
  23. Captain Boycott, d1897 [wiki]
  24. Dante Alighieri, d1321 [wiki]
  25. Christopher Columbus, d1506 [wiki]
  26. S. Fursa, d650 [wiki]
  27. S. Brendan, d577 [wiki]
  28. Marshal MacMahon, d1893 [wiki]
  29. Charlemagne, d814 [wiki]
  30. Theobald Wolfe Tone, d1798 [wiki]
  31. the Mother of the Maccabees, d168BC [wiki]




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