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Page 304 (12.907-944) "The wellknown... says Joe. And says Bloom:"

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The wellknown and highly respected worker in the cause of our old tongue, Mr Joseph M'Carthy Hynes, made an eloquent appeal for the resuscitation of the ancient Gaelic sports and pastimes, practised morning and evening by Finn MacCool, as calculated to revive the best traditions of manly strength and power handed down to us from ancient ages. L. Bloom, who met with a mixed reception of applause and hisses, having espoused the negative the vocalist chairman brought the discussion to a close, in response to repeated requests and hearty plaudits from all parts of a bumper house, by a remarkably noteworthy rendering of the immortal Thomas Osborne Davis' evergreen verses (happily too familiar to need recalling here) A nation once again in the execution of which the veteran patriot champion may be said without fear of contradiction to have fairly excelled himself. The Irish Caruso-Garibaldi was in superlative form and his stentorian notes were heard to the greatest advantage in the timehonoured anthem sung as only our citizen can sing it. His superb highclass vocalism, which by its superquality greatly enhanced his already international reputation, was vociferously applauded by the large audience among which were to be noticed many prominent members of the clergy as well as representatives of the press and the bar and the other learned professions. The proceedings then terminated.

CC: curate-in-charge
CSSp: Congregation of the Holy Spirit
DD: doctor of divinity
LLD: doctor of laws
ODC: Order of Discalced Carmelites
OM: Order of Minims
OMI: Order of Mary Immaculate
OP: Order of [Friars] Preachers (Dominicans)
OSA: Order of St Augustine
OSF: Order of St Francis
OSFC: Order of St Francis Capuchin
PP: parish priest
SJ: Society of Jesus
VF: vicar forane
VG: vicar general

Amongst the clergy present were the very rev. William Delany, S.J., L.L.D.; the rt rev. Gerald Molloy, D.D.; the rev. P.J. Kavanagh, C.S.Sp.; the rev. T. Waters, C.C.; the rev. John M. Ivers, P.P.;

William Delany 69yo in 1904 [wiki]

Gerald Molloy 70yo in 1904 [wiki]

?55yo 'Parish Priest' in 1901
36yo 'Roman C Clergyman' in 1901

46yo 'Roman Catholic Curate' in 1901

the rev. P.J. Cleary, O.S.F.; the rev. L.J. Hickey, O.P.; the very rev. Fr. Nicholas, O.S.F.C.; the very rev. B. Gorman, O.D.C.; the rev. T. Maher, S.J.; the very rev. James Murphy, S.J.;

Patrick J Cleary 64yo 'R Catholic Clergyman' in 1901

Bernard P Gorman 46yo 'Clergyman' in 1911

Thomas Maher 51yo 'R C Clergyman-Jesuit' in 1911

James F Murphy 48yo in 1901 'Catholic Clergyman' (rooms with Conmee) (cf??)

the rev. John Lavery, V.F.; the very rev. William Doherty, D.D.; the rev. Peter Fagan, O.M.; the rev. T. Brangan, O.S.A.; the rev. J. Flavin, C.C.; the rev. M.A. Hackett, C.C.;

John Lavery 43yo 'Priest Missioner' in 1901; 51yo 'Roman Catholic Missioner A.O' in 1911

William Joseph Doherty, the youngest, 39yo 'Catholic Clergyman' in 1911 (rooming with Flavin below); 31yo 'Clergyman R.C.' in 1901
55yo 'Priest' in 1911; 44yo 'R C Clergyman' in 1901
?42yo 'Catholic Priest' in 1901
50yo 'Catholic Curate' in 1901

the rev. W. Hurley, C.C.; the rt rev. Mgr M'Manus, V.G.; the rev. B.R. Slattery, O.M.I.; the very rev. M.D. Scally, P.P.; the rev. F.T. Purcell, O.P.; the very rev. Timothy canon Gorman, P.P.; the rev. J. Flanagan, C.C. The laity included P. Fay, T. Quirke, etc., etc.

the oldest, 73yo 'Roman Catholic Clergyman' in 1901
57yo 'Parish Priest' in 1901
Thomas F Purcell 57yo 'Clergyman' in 1901

56yo 'Clergyman P.P.' in 1901
(he capitalises 'Canon' like a middle name, cf O'Hanlon)
66yo 'Archdeacon and PP in Roman Cath Church' in 1911
John Flanagan 29yo 'Clergyman C C' in 1901

?40yo 'Cattle Dealer' in 1911

45yo 'L L. D. Solicitor Profesor Real Property or Quity Law Society' in 1911

— Talking about violent exercise, says Alf, were you at that Keogh-Bennett match?

— No, says Joe.

— I heard So and So made a cool hundred quid over it, says Alf.

— Who? Blazes? says Joe.

And says Bloom:




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