Thursday, April 9, 2015

[Dublin VR volunteers needed]

while Eoghan Kidney is currently rebuilding Sandymount Strand using the Unreal VR engine, it's not clear to me if this is/ should be the kernel of the inevitable longterm group project to do all of 1904 Dublin.

the open version of Second Life, called OpenSim, seems to have lots of advantages, so long as the content we create for it can eventually be scaled up to more powerful engines (like Unreal).

i'd like to get started on three locales: #7 Eccles, the Tower, and Westland Row (post office, alley, church, Sweny's). Even blank polygons are fine with me if they convey scale and spatial relationships.

i don't want to get derailed for more than a month or two, because this project is not especially dear to my heart-- it just seems to need some cheerleading to get a community seeded.

from the top of the 'tower' you can see-- over a 'wall'-- bloom's house on eccles

a giant contemporary Lisbon project

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