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Page 718 (18.1054-1091) "when the curtain... the railings if"

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when the curtain came down because he looked so handsome
then we had Martin Harvey for breakfast dinner and supper
I thought to myself afterwards it must be real love
if a man gives up his life for her that way for nothing

I suppose there are a few men like that left
its hard to believe in it though unless it really happened to me
the majority of them with not a particle of love in their natures
to find two people like that nowadays full up of each other
that would feel the same way as you do
theyre usually a bit foolish in the head

his father must have been a bit queer to go and poison himself after her
still poor old man I suppose he felt lost

shes always making love to my things too
the few old rags I have
wanting to put her hair up at 15
my powder too only ruin her skin on her
shes time enough for that all her life after
of course shes restless knowing shes pretty with her lips so red
a pity they wont stay that way

I was too
but theres no use going to the fair with the thing
answering me like a fishwoman
when I asked to go for a half a stone of potatoes

the day we met Mrs Joe Gallaher at the trottingmatches
and she pretended not to see us in her trap with Friery the solicitor
we werent grand enough

till I gave her 2 damn fine cracks across the ear for herself
take that now for answering me like that and that for your impudence
she had me that exasperated of course

I was badtempered too because
how was it
there was a weed in the tea or I didnt sleep the night before
cheese I ate was it
and I told her over and over again not to leave knives crossed like that
because she has nobody to command her
as she said herself
well if he doesnt correct her faith I will
that was the last time she turned on the teartap

I was just like that myself
they darent order me about the place
its his fault of course
having the two of us slaving here instead of getting in a woman long ago
am I ever going to have a proper servant again
of course then shed see him coming
Id have to let her know or shed revenge it
arent they a nuisance

that old Mrs Fleming
you have to be walking round after her putting the things into her hands
sneezing and farting into the pots
well of course shes old she cant help it
a good job I found that rotten old smelly dishcloth
that got lost behind the dresser
I knew there was something and opened the area window to let out the smell

bringing in his friends to entertain them
like the night he walked home with a dog if you please
that might have been mad

especially Simon Dedalus son
his father such a criticiser with his glasses up
with his tall hat on him at the cricket match
and a great big hole in his sock
one thing laughing at the other
and his son that got all those prizes
for whatever he won them in the intermediate
imagine climbing over the railings




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