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Page 695 (18.183-216) "because he used to be... shes got like now"

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because he used to be a bit on the jealous side
whenever he asked who are you going to
and I said over to Floey
and he made me the present of lord Byrons poems
and the three pairs of gloves
so that finished that

I could quite easily get him to make it up any time
I know how Id
even supposing he got in with her again
and was going out to see her somewhere
Id know if he refused to eat the onions
I know plenty of ways
ask him to tuck down the collar of my blouse
or touch him with my veil and gloves on going out
1 kiss then would send them all spinning

well see then
let him go to her
she of course would only be too delighted
to pretend shes mad in love with him
that I wouldnt so much mind
Id just go to her and ask her do you love him
and look her square in the eyes she couldnt fool me

but he might imagine he was and make a declaration to her
with his plabbery kind of a manner like he did to me
though I had the devils own job to get it out of him
though I liked him for that
it showed he could hold in and wasnt to be got for the asking

he was on the pop of asking me too
the night in the kitchen I was rolling the potato cake
theres something I want to say to you
only for I put him off letting on I was in a temper
with my hands and arms full of pasty flour
in any case I let out too much the night before
talking of dreams
so I didnt want to let him know more than was good for him

she used to be always embracing me Josie
whenever he was there
meaning him of course
glauming me over
and when I said I washed up and down as far as possible
asking me and did you wash possible

the women are always egging on to that
putting it on thick when hes there
they know by his sly eye
blinking a bit
putting on the indifferent
when they come out with something
the kind he is
what spoils him
I dont wonder in the least

because he was very handsome at that time
trying to look like Lord Byron I said I liked
though he was too beautiful for a man
and he was a little
before we got engaged

afterwards though she didnt like it so much
the day I was in fits of laughing with the giggles I couldnt stop
about all my hairpins falling out one after another
with the mass of hair I had
youre always in great humour she said
yes because it grigged her because she knew what it meant

because I used to tell her a good bit of what went on between us
not all but just enough to make her mouth water
but that wasnt my fault
she didnt darken the door much after we were married
I wonder what shes got like now




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