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Page 715 (18.938-975) "what a robber... tall old chap with"

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what a robber too that lovely fresh plaice I bought
I think Ill get a bit of fish tomorrow
or today is it Friday yes I will
with some blancmange with black currant jam like long ago
not those 2 lb pots of mixed plum and apple from the London and Newcastle
Williams and Woods goes twice as far

only for the bones
I hate those eels
cod yes Ill get a nice piece of cod
Im always getting enough for 3 forgetting
anyway Im sick of that everlasting butchers meat from Buckleys
loin chops and leg beef and rib steak and scrag of mutton and calfs pluck
the very name is enough

or a picnic
suppose we all gave 5/ each and
or let him pay it and invite some other woman for him
who Mrs Fleming
and drove out to the furry glen or the strawberry beds
wed have him examining all the horses toenails first
like he does with the letters
no not with Boylan there

yes with some cold veal and ham mixed sandwiches
there are little houses down at the bottom of the banks there on purpose
but its as hot as blazes he says
not a bank holiday anyhow

I hate those ruck of Mary Ann coalboxes out for the day
Whit Monday is a cursed day too
no wonder that bee bit him
better the seaside

but Id never again in this life get into a boat with him
after him at Bray telling the boatman he knew how to row
if anyone asked could he ride the steeplechase for the gold cup hed say yes
then it came on to get rough
the old thing crookeding about and the weight all down my side
telling me to pull the right reins now pull the left
and the tide all swamping in floods in through the bottom
and his oar slipping out of the stirrup
its a mercy we werent all drowned

he can swim of course
me no
theres no danger whatsoever keep yourself calm
in his flannel trousers
Id like to have tattered them down off him before all the people
and give him what that one calls flagellate
till he was black and blue
do him all the good in the world

only for that longnosed chap
I dont know who he is
with that other beauty Burke out of the City Arms hotel was there
spying around as usual on the slip always where he wasnt wanted
if there was a row on
youd vomit a better face
there was no love lost between us thats 1 consolation

I wonder what kind is that book he brought me
Sweets of Sin by a gentleman of fashion
some other Mr de Kock
I suppose the people gave him that nickname
going about with his tube from one woman to another

I couldnt even change my new white shoes
all ruined with the saltwater
and the hat I had with that feather all blowy and tossed on me
how annoying and provoking

because the smell of the sea excited me of course
the sardines and the bream
in Catalan bay round the back of the rock
they were fine
all silver in the fishermens baskets
old Luigi near a hundred they said came from Genoa
and the tall old chap with




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