Friday, April 10, 2015

Page 706 (18.591-628) "them want you to... jump out of the way"

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them want you to be so nice about it
I noticed the contrast
he does it and doesnt talk
I gave my eyes that look
with my hair a bit loose from the tumbling and my tongue between my lips
up to him the savage brute

Thursday Friday one Saturday two Sunday three
O Lord I cant wait till Monday
frseeeeeeeefronnnng train somewhere whistling
the strength those engines have in them like big giants
and the water rolling all over and out of them all sides
like the end of Loves old sweeeetsonnnng
the poor men that have to be out all the night
from their wives and families in those roasting engines

stifling it was today
Im glad I burned the half of those old Freemans and Photo bits
leaving things like that lying about
hes getting very careless
and threw the rest of them up in the W C
Ill get him to cut them tomorrow for me
instead of having them there for the next year
to get a few pence for them
have him asking wheres last Januarys paper

and all those old overcoats I bundled out of the hall
making the place hotter than it is
that rain was lovely and refreshing
just after my beauty sleep

I thought it was going to get like Gibraltar
my goodness the heat there
before the levanter came on black as night
and the glare of the rock standing up in it
like a big giant compared with their 3 Rock mountain they think is so great
with the red sentries here and there
the poplars
and they all whitehot
and the smell of the rainwater in those tanks
watching the sun all the time weltering down on you

faded all that lovely frock fathers friend Mrs Stanhope sent me
from the B Marche paris
what a shame
my dearest Doggerina she wrote on it
she was very nice
whats this her other name was
just a p c to tell you I sent the little present
have just had a jolly warm bath and feel a very clean dog now
enjoyed it
she called him wogger
wd give anything to be back in Gib
and hear you sing in old Madrid or Waiting

Concone is the name of those exercises
he bought me one of those new
some word I couldnt make out
amusing things but tear for the least thing
still theyre lovely I think dont you

will always think of the lovely teas we had together
scrumptious currant scones and raspberry wafers I adore
well now dearest Doggerina be sure and write soon
kind she left out regards to your father
also captain Grove
with love yrs affly Hester x x x x x

she didnt look a bit married just like a girl
he was years older than her
he was awfully fond of me
when he held down the wire with his foot
for me to step over at the bullfight at La Linea
when that matador Gomez was given the bulls ear

these clothes we have to wear
whoever invented them
expecting you to walk up Killiney hill
then for example at that picnic all staysed up
you cant do a blessed thing in them in a crowd
run or jump out of the way




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